An Open Letter to Governor Scott Walker (R-WI)

February 21, 2011

Dear Governor Walker:

In interview after interview, you keep saying that Wisconsin public employees “owe it to the taxpayers” to accede to your demands, even the non-financial ones that have nothing to do with fixing the budget shortfall you caused.

Others have responded to the myriad logical problems (read: lies) in your rhetoric, except for this one obvious point I haven’t yet seen anybody else make.

Wisconsin public employees pay taxes too.  Lots of taxes.  If you’re right that they get paid too well, then they also correspondingly pay too much in taxes.

Stop dividing  the citizens of your state for your own political gain.  You’re the governor (unfortunately), not the owner (thank God).

Sincerely (more than you could possibly imagine, if your lack of honesty is any indication),

Seth Kahn

West Chester, PA