Open letter to Senators Corker, Flake, Johnson, and other GOPers who might vote against #TaxScam


I’m sending this letter to you because my own state’s GOP Senator, Pat Toomey, stopped even pretending to listen to his constituents the day after his re-election. Since then, his offices have been known to turn off their phones, refuse to clean out voice-mail boxes, insult and ignore visitors by labeling them “paid protestors” (which in some cases was half true–the protestor part–but in most was untrue on both counts), and generally pretend like they weren’t hearing tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians calling on him not to vote the way he’s voted on healthcare and tax policy.

So, sadly, we Pennsylvanians who aren’t in the bag for Wall Street financiers and corporate raiders are left to turn to you in hopes that you’ll listen to us better than your colleague who gets paid to hear us.

And the message is simple: vote down this lunatic tax bill. It helps nobody but ultra-wealthy large-business/corporate ownership, and it does so at the expense of everyone else. Obviously, you’re more conservative than I am and won’t lose sleep over the slashing of benefits that many working people depend on, but you all know perfectly well this bill will do nothing except explode the deficit so that people who don’t need more can have it at the expense of everybody else.

I’m deeply saddened that I have to reach out this way to Senators who have your own constituencies to deal with, but since Senator Toomey no longer listens to anyone but his corporate masters, I’m left with little choice. Somebody needs to hear it, and if it’s not Senator Toomey, I hope it’s you. Otherwise millions of citizens are left voiceless, and as US Senators, I hope you realize how dangerous that is.

Thanks for your consideration.

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