Where’s Hilda?

[Two quick points about this post: (1) It’s inspired by a Facebook friend who can self-identify if she chooses; and (2) I’m only putting it on the blog because I’ve dedicated my FB status for the day already and this needs to go somewhere!]

A friend posted on FB this morning wondering where the Department of Labor has been for the last week–hasn’t said a damn word about what’s happening in Wisconsin.

As soon as I had time to pursue it, I went looking for any evidence that the Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, had said a word in public about the situation.  Not a peep, as far as I can tell, although I wasn’t super-diligent about it.

I won’t speculate about why; there are already dozens of articles talking about the “delicate balance” Obama “has to strike” between labor and, well, whoever is opposed to working people.  Anywho….

Instead, I just have to make the point: those of you idiots (and until you demonstrate otherwise, I’ve changed my mind against giving you the benefit of the doubt) who argued that Hilda Solis was too radical (whatever THAT means) for a Cabinet position couldn’t have been more wrong.

There hasn’t been a moment where an injustice has so loudly screamed for a response from the nation’s leading labor advocate without drawing anything but deafening silence.

Add another FAIL to the Labor Department’s increasingly disappointing record.  WAKE THE HELL UP!


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