An open letter to Rep. Eric Cantor

Dear Representative Cantor:

For your sake and mine, I’m going to keep my point very simple.  In a recent interview, you claimed that the Senate isn’t listening to the American people’s call to repeal the Affordable Care Act because the Senate won’t conduct a repeal vote on the House’s repeal bill.

While the problems with the GOP’s repeal effort are legion, I want to focus on two.  First, you’re lying (and no, that’s not hyperbolic) when you and other GOP leaders continue to insist that the November election was a mandate for you to repeal the ACA.  No, it wasn’t.  Poll after poll after poll after poll after poll demonstrates beyond even the least shadow of a doubt that the citizenry as at best deeply divided about what it wants to happen with healthcare reform.  But what’s abundantly clear from those polls is that almost NOBODY wants a full repeal.  So when you passed a bill to repeal the bill fully, you flatly, flagrantly, ignored the will of the people you pretend to represent.

Second, given the number times Senate Republicans have blocked, held, threatened to filibuster, and otherwise derailed legislation, even legislation with extremely strong popular support (DADT repeal, 9/11 First Responders Care, the list goes on and on), don’t you think it’s just a little hypocritical to accuse Senate Democrats of refusing to take up legislation that is, in fact, not popular?

No, of course you don’t think that.  Because you’re a myopic, dishonest attack dog that can’t see beyond the boundaries of your own twisted world.

As sincerely as I’ve meant anything,

Seth Kahn [thankful that I don’t live in a Congressional District that would elect you]



2 Responses to An open letter to Rep. Eric Cantor

  1. mcoville says:

    Don’t fool yourself by blondly following the MSNBC line. A majority of voters called their reps last November and told them to repeal Obamacare. Thanks to the the House majority for listening to the people, finally. It feels good when the government listens to the people. I hope now that the Senate follows suit.

    • sethkahn says:

      Did you look at the link to the polls? There are several. And no matter how much you want to deny it, they’re a lot more reliable than polls conducted by Rasmussen or any of the polling firms cited by conservatives.

      Look man, it’s just a lie. Most of us don’t like the law as it stands, but full repeal is very, very clearly NOT what the overwhelming majority of the country wants. There’s nothing even the least bit complicated or contentious about that. You can assert, blindly, that “Oh, all those polls are wrong,” but you don’t have one tiny shred of evidence to support that claim. Not one. Neither do you have any counter-evidence. Neither do you respect the opinions of the millions of people who disagree with you, clearly, or you wouldn’t be picking this particular fight.

      You’re exactly right that it feels good when the government listens to the people. Too bad Representative Cantor and the GOP consistently do nothing of the sort. I can’t imagine what you think you see in them; they haven’t represented anybody but the ultra-wealthy for decades.

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