7:40 Saturday morning.  I’ve finished and submitted all my grades.  Almost everybody did well.  A handful of folks just didn’t finish everything they were supposed to, so they didn’t do so well.  Sometimes I feel a little guilty for not being more assertive about keeping up.  It’s a tough balance.  I want to be flexible and leave room for students to make most, if not all, their own decisions about their work.  At the same time, I think sometimes I’m too flexible, and people who aren’t already self-motivated and organized get lost in the shuffle.  There’s probably a way to have this both ways, but after 16 years I still haven’t figured out what it is.  Maybe next year.

I’ll do a post soon with links to several projects students did this semester and put on-line.  They’re amazing.

The next few days will be busy busy busy.  We got the page proofs for Activism and Rhetoric about a week earlier than I expected them.  I hope to be able to proof my chapter, the intro, the preface, and the rest of the front matter before Ann and I leave on Wed.  Would be better to get that done than to carry around an extra 40 pages of stuff on a 3-week trip!  My enthusiasm about the project has come and gone over the last few months, most of which we’ve spent not being able to do anything while the manuscript was in production.  I think I got to the “I just need for this to be done” stage back in about February.  Seeing the proofs yesterday, though, reinvigorated me.  I still can’t really believe we’ve managed to pull this off (knock wood).

Also have to work on a revision of a chapter for an on-line writing textbook; my chapter is about ethnographic writing pedagogy, which was my thesis/diss research area.  The reviewers weren’t as thrilled with it as I’d like for them to have been.  I got defensive while I read their comments.  A week later, I imagine they’re right that it’s too long and too self-indulgent.  I walked right into the very trap that’s always made me resist the notion of “auto-ethnography.”  The revision will, therefore, require some substantial overhauling, but that’s OK.

Ann and I are leaving Wed to see her folks.  Mom seems to be recovering pretty well from hip surgery, which is the best news of the month so far.  Scary couple of days as she was emerging from a drug-induced haze, but seems to be much better now.  She won’t be mobile enough to travel as much as we’d planned, so we’ll probably spend a lot of time just hanging out, and that’s OK too.  We will see our friend Laura in Tucson, which will be fun.  I hope the weather holds enough for us to see Antelope Canyon, which is at the top of our list of unseen sights out there.

I expect there will be something more political to write about soon; been a while since I’ve ranted here!

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