Propaganda, Power, and Politics

This semester (Spring 2010), I’m teaching a 300-level rhetoric/writing course called Propaganda, Power, and Politics.  In order to keep me from providing examples of propaganda that circulate around my own personal interests, I’ve asked the students to sign up for days on which they bring samples to class.  I’ve decided to use this page as a repository for those samples so that they’re always available for us (and whoever else is interested) to come back to them.  I probably won’t be diligent enough to ensure that the links continue to work, but maybe sometimes I’ll check :).


From George Asimos, two articles about the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United.

From Linda Schmucker, among a bunch she sent me (this is the only one we really talked about in class):

From Jen Tanz:


From Jenn Halligan, 2 articles from Iranian news asserting that Presidential Election protesters last summer were victims of Western media influence/corruption–

From Kevin Mann, a clip from Fox News of a show called “Terror on Trial” about the upcoming trial of a 9/11/01 planner in NYC.  [Note: today’s (1/30/2010) news indicates that the trial may happen elsewhere after all)]


James Weiler sent these two stories about the status healthcare reform, one from CNN and one from Fox News–


Via Michele M, a cartoon about saving a teenage girl from the Satanic horor that is Dungeons and Dragons…


These are all we’ve looked at as of now.  More to come!  Feel free to comment or suggest other texts, pages, clips, what-have-you.


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