Activism and Rhetoric TOC

OK, now that the semester is over, I can start getting excited about our book again.  Although contributor agreements are just now going out, I wanted to put the TOC up so that anybody’s who’s interested can see what’s in the book.  Yay!  I continue to be amazed by the contributions people have made to this collection.  Amazing people doing amazing work.  We’re lucky to have asked them to talk about it.



Philip C. Wander



Seth Kahn and JongHwa Lee

Part I. (Re)Framing Rhetorical Activism: How Activists Theorize Rhetoric and Vice Versa

Chapter 1: The Only Conceivable Thing To Do: Reflections on Academics and Activism

Dana L. Cloud

Chapter 2: Reflections on Activist Scholarship: The Consequences We All Have to Face

JongHwa Lee

Chapter 3: The Work of a Middle-Class Activist: Stuck in History

Charles Bazerman

Chapter 4: Speaking Truth to Power: Observations from Experience

Lee Artz

Chapter 5: Gadugi: Where the fire burns

Ellen (Drew) Cushman

Chapter 6: Intervention and Rhetorics of War: Classical Insights for Contemporary Activists

Melissa Dey Hasbrook

Part II. Contexts for Rhetorical Activism, Part One: Activism in Non-Academic Settings

Chapter 7: A Conservative Pundit in Liberal Surroundings: An Uneven Odyssey

Richard E. Vatz

Chapter 8: The Role of Communism in Democratic Discourse: What Activist Rhetoricians Can Learn from the World Bank

Catherine Chaput

Chapter 9: (Re) Politicizing the Writing Process: An Exhortation and a Cautionary Tale

Seth Kahn

Chapter 10: “Looking for the Left in Russia”

Katie Feyh

Part III. Contexts for Rhetorical Activism, Part Two: Activism within Academic Institutions

Chapter 11: Developing Activist Rhetorics on Israel-Palestine: Resisting the Depoliticization of the American Academy

Matthew Abraham

Chapter 12: Democracy and the Academy: Ethnographic Articulations and Interventions for Social Change

Paige Pettyjohn Edley & Nina Maria Lozano-Reich

Chapter 13: Against Decorous Civility: Acting as if You Live in a Democracy

M.J. Braun

Chapter 14: You Can’t Get There from Here: Higher Education, Labor Activism, and Challenges of Neoliberal Globalization

Kevin Mahoney

Part IV. Contexts for Rhetorical Activism, Part Three: Activist Pedagogy

Chapter 15: Practicing Democracy: An Experience-Based Approach

Ruth Ray, Gwendolyn Gorzelsky, Stephanie Hall-Sturgis, LaWanda Dickens, Thomas Trimble, Kim Davis, Karen Keaton Jackson, Justin Vidovic, Sally Chandler

Chapter 16: BREAKING NEWS: Armchair Activists Access Their Power

Shelley DeBlasis and Teresa Grettano

Chapter 17: Activism in the Ivory Tower: Finding Hope for Academic Prose

Rebecca Jones

Chapter 18: Reclaiming Activism for Students

Amy Pason

2 Responses to Activism and Rhetoric TOC

  1. Lance says:

    Looks like a great collection, Seth. I look forward to reading it.

  2. sethkahn says:

    Thanks, Lance. We’re very excited about it. By the time it publishes (scheduled for May 1, 2010), it will have taken nearly 6 years to get done.

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