Obama takes a bow

As I put it on my Facebook page when I posted this there a few minutes ago…  Today’s most egregious entry into the who-give-a-shit-o-sphere…

In case you missed it (because you weren’t watching CNN or Fox), President Obama took a deep bow while meeting the Emperor of Japan.  Wow.  Apparently he’s violated some rule of imperial machoness by doing so.  Gee.

To see how inflamed people are getting, start here:


Then Google “Obama bow Japanese Emperor” and watch the flames spread like wildfire.

C’mon people.  This is as, if not more, ridiculous than anything I’ve heard out of you wingnuts since the election.

3 Responses to Obama takes a bow

  1. Jon Benda says:

    I agree–this is ridiculous. What I’m more worried about is the administration’s stance toward Taiwan-China relations, particularly given his near-slip-of-the-tongue in his town hall meeting in Shanghai: “I am very pleased with the reduction of tensions and the improvement in cross-straits relations, and it is my deep desire and hope that we will continue to see great improvement between Taiwan and the rest of — and the People’s Republic in resolving many of these issues.”

  2. Jon Benda says:

    I haven’t seen anything from Obama himself, but my worry is that in everyone’s rush to see the governments of Taiwan and the PRC “reduce tensions,” they’ll ignore the voices of people in Taiwan who do not want the island to be sucked further into China’s orbit. *Sigh* I just wish progressives were as pro-Taiwan as some conservatives are. It’s embarrassing to have most of the supporters of Taiwan be Republicans…

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