What’s in a name?

So I finally figured out this morning why my blog has gotten hundreds of hits in the last couple of days, when a typical day’s hits is more like twenty.  Apparently, a student at FIT, who happened to have the same name as mine, died the other day when he was hit by a bus.

If you’re one of the people looking for news about him but finding this instead, sorry I can’t help.  And if you’re somebody who knew him, although I wouldn’t expect my condolences to mean much, I’ll offer them anyway.

It’s unusual to find other Seths, and it’s especially unusual to find other Seth Kahns.  I know there are a couple of others on Facebook (because I get occasional friend requests and e-mails that are clearly not for me), and I know the person who was awarded the patent for the aerosol spray paint can shared the name.  I also know somebody used to publish under this name as a byline in the Weekly World News when I was in high school.  The only article I remember was one about a kid getting thrown out of a roller-coaster car at an amusement park in Dallas, one of the few verifiably true stories I ever saw in that esteeemed (!) publication.

3 Responses to What’s in a name?

  1. Greg Carmichael says:

    There’s just something great about your post here, I had to say it. Aerosol can, lol. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerosol_can

  2. sethkahn says:

    Ah. I guess my namesake didn’t invent it, exactly. That’s probably good news for my karmic status…

  3. R. says:

    As an old friend of that Seth’s, thanks — there’s something a little reassuring about condolences from someone with the same name.

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