Coming up next: Seth’s busiest month ever

October starts tomorrow.  As it stands already, not including anything new, this promises to be the busiest month of my entire career (at least to date). Along with the usual load of teaching and committee work…

1.  I have to finish an overdue assessment report for our writing program’s research-writing courses.  I’ve gathered the data and just have to write the thing, but still.

2.  Grievance Committee meets this weekend, and we have the largest stack of cases I’ve seen since I’ve been on the committee.  I also just filed some new ones, which are going to take some meetings to work out.

3.  The APSCUF Labor Conference is Oct 15-17.  My paper is ready, but it’s too long for the presentation slot I have, so I’ll need some time to cut (and practice) it.  If you’re an academic labor activist (or just interested in it), the conference promises to be a blast.

4.  I’m going to TCU in late October to give a talk about activism and rhetoric, and to visit a friend’s research methods course.

5.  The Rhetorical Activists manuscript is due to Routledge by the end of the month.  Most of the chapters are in fine shape, so that won’t be hard to manage, but I have to assemble the manuscript into one document (which is the kind of tedious work I’m really bad at), make sure I can print it (they ask for one complete hard copy), and collect contact info for all the contributors, make sure they sign their own contributor agreements, etc.  It’s all this kind of management work that makes me nuts, but we’re too close to the finish line not to get it done.

See you in November!

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