Annoyed when *other* people do it

It’s about 10 after 1 on Thursday afternoon.  In theory, I’m supposed to be in my office until 1:30 anyway (doing office hours).  But about 2 weeks ago, I scheduled an appointment with another faculty member to discuss a contract issue she has.  I don’t know what the issue is (so even I were allowed to talk about it, I can’t anyway).  We were scheduled to meet at 1 pm. 

So this morning, I e-mailed to confirm the meeting and pick a meeting place, which we hadn’t done.  Guess what?  No response. 

It’s possible she’s resolved the situation and doesn’t need to discuss it with me.  It’s possible she just forgot about the meeting.  It’s possible she’s sitting in her office waiting for me right now and just didn’t check her e-mail.  My hunch is that she just forgot.

I forget a meeting every now and again, sure.  Just about everybody does.  So why is it so annoying when somebody else does it?

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