PASSHE smoking ban overturned

If you didn’t already know this, the PA Labor Relations Board overturned the ban on outdoor smoking on the 14 state-owned university campuses.  The rationale for overturning the ban is very simple.  Labor law in PA requires management to negotiate changes in working conditions rules with unions.  PASSHE didn’t.  They simply instituted the ban unilaterally, which is against the law.

For those of you who hate smoking, don’t worry too much.  Although I’m not privvy to the process, I expect some modified form of the ban, which won’t be as restrictive but will be better than it used to be, to be negotiated and instituted soon enough.  Be patient.

For those of us who are smokers, don’t gloat.  And, more importantly, this is a crucial time for us to recognize that if we act a little more responsibily and considerately (don’t litter, don’t blow smoke in people’s faces, don’t stand right outside doorways while smoking, etc), maybe people won’t demonize us so effectively and easily.

Will keep updating as we know more…

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