Summer Plans

Just back from 2 weeks vacation in TX and AZ (mostly AZ).  Feeling refreshed but somewhat out of the loop.  I keep feeling like I must have missed something important, but since nobody has told me so, I must not have.  OK by me!

So I’ve got about a month before I start teaching my Summer 2 courses; doing 2 this year because the extra money will come in handy when (notice I don’t say “if”) Ann gets into a PhD program for next fall and we have to move next summer.  In the meantime…

1.  I just started drafting an essay for an on-line textbook called Writing Spaces.  The essay is an attempt to contextualize ethnographic writing for composition students.  I’ll have fun writing it because I haven’t written about ethnography in years and have been craving an opportunity to do so.  And I’ll have fun writing about it because it’s fun to talk about.  And because it’ll make me reflect on how well I remember/understand the arguments I’ve been making for years about why ethnographic writing fits into comp curriculum.

2.  I’m hoping the proposal Kevin, Amy and I submitted to the APSCUF Labor Conference gets accepted; if it does, I’ll have to write the paper (which is very similar to the proposal I submitted to CCCC), titled “Reclaiming Shared Governance.”  There’s a pretty good chance I’ll be posting pieces of it here, as it moves along.

3.  The course I’m teaching in July is a pilot version of our revised Basic Writing course, so I have lots of new prep to do, along with the two other instructors of the same course.  We committed to working together on some common assignments.  I’m looking forward to that collaboration because I’ve done little with either person, but I really like and respect both as thinkers and teachers (and of course as people–I’d hope that goes without saying, but apparently it doesn’t).

4.  Ann and I are hoping to visit NYC for a day or two to go museum-hopping.  Fortunately, she moves through museums about as quickly as I do, so we won’t drive each other crazy.  We also hope to visit our friend Sharon in NC before her wedding, knowing that we won’t get to see her nearly as much as we’d like during the wedding itself.

5.  Lots of baseball.

6.  One of these days, I need to write up the talk I gave at last summer’s Welcome Back Workshop for the English Department.  A colleague who edits a journal asked me to, and I just haven’t had the wherewithall to do it.  It’s getting to be about that time.  You know those projects that seem simple, so you put them off until that (mythical) moment when you can concentrate briefly?  This is one of those.

That’s a pretty busy month.

5 Responses to Summer Plans

  1. Frankelstache says:

    Nice blog. Any tips on how I can improve my English?
    Cool authors maybe?

  2. Frankelstache says:

    krakauer is so far my favorite, though i’m a tad behind with him. Anyone else in the same style of content / language?


    • sethkahn says:

      I read very little non-fiction that isn’t work-related. As somebody who wants to think about/learn English, you might try two books by a guy named Bill Bryson. One is called The Mother Tongue; it’s a history of the English language, but Bryson is really personable and funny, so the book is way more interesting than you might think. The other is called Made in America, and it’s a book about how American English came to be distinct from British English. It’s also fun and fascinating, but less comic than the first.

  3. Frankelstache says:


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