Be careful with that e-mail, Eugene!

A cautionary tale on this rainy Saturday morning…I’m not getting into details about the e-mails I’m describing here.  If you already know what I’m talking about, you already know, and if you don’t, that’s probably best :).

Last weekend, our statewide union President and I had a rather, um, candid exchange about the status of organization and some tensions that exist within the leadership. Although the exchange was private, it unfortunately got out among the leadership statewide.  Once we’d finished our conversation, I sent the Prez another email about something else, changing the subject line on the exchange we’d just had but not deleting it.  So he forwarded out the new message, not noticing that our private exchange was included.  I have to go on the record now about two things: (1) it was probably pretty uppity of me to have that conversation, since I’m not really very far up the leadership chain, and I’m slowly learning (but obviously not quickly enough) how not to get into situations that are over my head; and (2) the goof was mine, not the President’s.

Since then (this happened on Monday), the excrement has hit the air-conditioning all over the place.  I’ve received only one nasty note directed to me, but I suspect that the President (and my chapter president) have taken a pretty serious hit.

With all that said, it’s my hope that once people stop being angry, the substance of that exchange will become something we can talk about.  We’ve got stuff to work in within our organization, and it would be best if, rather than using this mistake as an opportuntity to bash each other, we realized that this is an opportunity to sort out some issues that need sorting.

Here’s hoping.

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