Republicans claiming Obama might bankrupt the US

On the wires…  Judd Gregg (R-NH) says that the Obama budget can’t pass because over the long haul it will “bankrupt the nation.”

This is funny coming from the party that supported spending trillions of dollars on one war of choice while misconducting another.  And all the while, refusing to acknowledge that the money they supported spending wasn’t included in any of the budgets, not to mention budget projections.  So if we’re hurting for dough right now, maybe the Rs ought to consider the extent to which they brought us to this.  They might also consider the notion that spending money on our own makes some sense given the amount of wealth the rich have extracted from the economy by outsourcing jobs, banking their money overseas to avoid taxes, and so on.

I can’t help but think this is Grover Norquist-ism of the worst order.  Bend over backwards to destroy any hope government might bring to the people, and then accuse government of failing to serve the people.  It’s more than a self-fulfilling prophesy; it’s a long-term strategy conservatives have used in order to delegitimize government regulation and sponsorship of any kind.  “We’ve bankrupted the government with our bad ideas, thus proving that the government can’t work.”  Sick.

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