A-Rod’s tough year

So yesterday, during his avidly (droolingly) awaited press conference, Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees confessed to using banned substances in order to enhance his baseball performance.  Since we already knew that, the confession wasn’t especially interesting. 

What got my goat was his claim that he’s had a “tough year,” as if somehow we’re supposed to feel bad for a guy who gets paid $25 million per year to play in the park.  I’ve been through a divorce and empathize with how painful that is, but I don’t feel the least bit bad about all the time he’s been hounded by the press.  He’s a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE, for heaven’s sake.  In NEW YORK CITY.  Making THAT KIND OF MONEY.  Chasing one of the most storied records in baseball history, sports history for that matter, trying to wrest it back from a strongly-suspected cheater. 

You’ll forgive me, A-Rod, if my sympathy only goes so far.  You have one of the cushiest lives of anybody in the world.  Sure, you work hard at your game, but you are pretty much the paradigmatic example of luxury. 

So quit whining, you asshole.  We don’t feel bad for you.

3 Responses to A-Rod’s tough year

  1. Kevin says:

    I’ll just say this because its a point of veiw that seems to be glossed over often.

    Who cares what players used steroids?

    I’ll be the first to admit I hate A-rod, but I’ve felt this way ever since the Marck McGuire days. The fact of the matter is that these players are little more than entertainment for the masses. They’re drugs themselves, anestitizing the country of intelligent discussion. I love baseball, but the only reason this is a controvesy is because people in this country consider professional athelets role models; they are NOT role models. They contribute little to society other than escape from daily life; though they do contribute money to charity we must remember their basic skill is hitting a ball with a stick.

    These are not the people we should be looking to for moral guidence; they did what they did because if they don’t perfom well they are released from their million dollar contracts. If my choice was between ‘Roiding’ up and being poor, stick the needle in me. Lets stop pretending that anyone cares about the “purity of the game.” Watch the game, but don’t act as if it actually matters.

  2. sethkahn says:

    Kevin, I pretty much agree. The problem isn’t that A-Rod used steroids. It’s that he wants us to feel bad for him that he’s come under such scrutiny for being famous. So you’re right that they shouldn’t be role models, but neither should they expect privacy when they choose a profession that makes their lives really public.

  3. Kevin says:

    I see your point. Mine is simply that this shouldn’t even be news worthy, I find it pathetic that our media cares about this enough that we even need to discuss it. Journalistic integrity, B.S. lol.

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