McCain and the Stimulus Package

Senator McCain says he won’t vote for the stimulus package as currently written.

So?  That’s why we didn’t vote for you.

I hope President Obama and Congressional Democrats seize this opportunity to show Republicans how utterly and totally Republican policy was repudiated in November’s election.  The Democrats simply don’t need Repubican votes to pass whatever package they want.  So the Republicans can bluster all they want.

Of course that won’t happen, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

5 Responses to McCain and the Stimulus Package

  1. We all know the help Acorn gave the Democrats in stealing winning the last election. What was in it for them? Is 4 billion dollars enough?
    Democrats attempt to pay off Acorn

  2. Lee Waters says:

    Read the bill. I did. All 647 pages of it. It is not a stimulus package, but a pork-filled spending spree. Very little (about 12% as scored by the CBO) in the bill as currently drafted, will have any stimulative effect on the economy or on job creation (which is what the bill was supposed to do). President Obama initially stated that he would veto any stimulus bill with pork. Here is his first chance.

    You are correct in that the Democrats can enact any package they desire without 1 Republican vote. However, they know if they do that, then they own the consequences. Once it becomes clear to the people that they were sold a bill of goods and the package did not work as advertised, then it is the Democrats who will bear the brunt in the next election cycles. That is why there is such a push to get Republican support or at least enough to provide bi-partisan cover (and subsequent blame). It will be interesting to watch.

    Hope all is well at WCU!

  3. sethkahn says:

    Lee, no, I haven’t read the bill. I’m not surprised that there’s a ton of pork in it, and I hope it gets carved away before the bill is passed and signed. The only point you make that I’d dispute is about the CBO “report,” which according to them, looked at only a small slice of the bill, in its early draft form, and as such isn’t very accurate. This is their own point, by the way, not me speaking for them.

    Intellecutal–there’s not one shred of evidence that Acorn did *anything* illegal or even dishonest. There is evidence of some mistakes, and if you’re so damn perfect that you can’t live with that, then there’s not much else to discuss.

    I’m not sure why anybody, anywhere would resent organizations of citizens trying to improve their own lives. What’s so bloody bad about that? Nothing, that’s what.

  4. Lee Waters says:

    Good point about CBO. Revised figures “improve” the overall result to a whopping 20% +/-. Regarding ACORN (I know that was in response to another post, but I can’t resist), personally I don’t mind citizens organizing to try to improve their own lives. Not sure that is what ACORN actually does, but that aside, they can knock themselves out and organize to their heart’s content. I just don’t think it should be funded by taxpayers much less included in a “stimulus” bill.

  5. sethkahn says:

    Lee, from this morning’s New York Times:

    They argue that in fact the majority of the package is designed to do precisely what it’s supposed to do. That doesn’t directly refute your claim that the huge majority of the package is pork, but it complicates it. I suspect the truth is somewhere in between.

    As for Acorn, I give them money and have known/worked with many Acorn organizers. I can say with the same kind of direct experience you’ve invoked re: military matters that Acorn has become a strawman for conservatives to attack willy-nilly. The “funding” they get from the government is in the form of competitive grants; the reason they get those grants (and have from the Feds as far back as the Reagan administration) is that they’re really good at what they do. There are conservative activist groups in the pool for that money, too. This is NOT a patronage payoff, although I understand why some people think it is.

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