Getting ready for the new semester

So it’s Saturday afternoon.  I already miss the college football season, but it’s probably best that I have to concentrate on getting ready for the new semester that starts this week.  I don’t actually start class until Tuesday, but Monday’s going to be busy with administrative details and I need to be prepared before then.

This semester, my load is relatively light in terms of numbers.  Even with two over-enrolled classes, I’ve only got 59 students total, and I expect that number will go down a little; it usually does.  I’ve heavily revised my Conventions of Reading and Writing course based on the feedback I got last semester, so that we’re reading a lot more primary text and starting with less theoretically top-heavy ideas.  I’m surprised it’s taken me three years and eight sections of the course to figure out how to do this, although I might make the argument that I had to figure out the theoretical stuff for myself before I could do it.  That’s what I’ll believe for now, anyway.

I can’t wait for the Punk seminar.  It’s something I’ve been bandying about for years and finally get to do it.  Can’t imagine how the students will react to it.  I know a few of them, and none of the students I know would I have tagged as punks or punk rock fans.  I’m confident they’ll have a lot of interesting things to say about the music and the style and the whole movement (such as it is–pace Ann).  One of my biggest teacherly concerns is that it’s hard to talk about music without using musical terminology, and because the lexicon of the punk subculture is so peculiar, it’s hard to talk about it without using it.  I guess that’s true of any sub/counter-culture, though, and it’ll be one of the central problematics that drives the whole course.

The grad class (Capstone Research Seminar) is always fun.  Left to their own motives, graduate students almost always come up with exciting projects to work on, and because the course is a workshop, I have little preparation I can do.  Instead, I spend the semester supporting whatever they’re doing, chasing their ideas around with them, etc.  So it’s a class that’s backloaded for me in terms of work–I can’t do much until they give me stuff to work with.

All that, and CCCC too.  And APSCUF too.  Gonna be busy busy busy.

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