Happy 2009, everyone!

On this day of fresh starts, it’s conventional to think about what’s possible in the new year.  Not so much resolutions (which I refuse to make), but hopes, goals, and so on.

My goals for this year–

1.  To be more detail-oriented: tidier, timelier, etc.

2.  To be less crabby about tasks I have to do but don’t like

3.  To do the kind of activist work that Barack Obama was telling us all the way through his campaign MUST happen now that somebody who listens is in the White House. Remember, his election isn’t the end of anything.  And neither can or should we wait for him to do things.  We have a President who has an activist/organizer background, and as he’s told us all along, it’s now UP TO US to do the kind of democracy we always say we want.

4.  To finish at least one of several projects I’ve been juggling/muddling through for the last couple of years.

How about you?

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