Nancy Goldfarb has her own blog; don’t post her loonytunes stuff here

Among the many wingnuts out there distributing silly (well, it’d be silly if the stakes weren’t so high) lies about Barack Obama, Nancy Goldfarb is one of the “best.”  She’s good at making fragmentary and circumstantial evidence, padded by some outright fabrications, sound like big problems with Barack Obama’s candidacy.

There have been several attempts to post her disinformation on this blog and the blogs of several of my friends and blogger-buddies.  Enough.  If you want to read her blog, read it, but I will no longer allow postings that link to her blog from here.  What’s the point?  None of her minions are saying anything new.

[UPDATE: In the one hour since I posted this, Nancy and two other people have tried to repost the link to the same old lies I told them I wouldn’t post here.  Amazing.  No, not really.]

7 Responses to Nancy Goldfarb has her own blog; don’t post her loonytunes stuff here

  1. sfokc6125 says:

    Wake up . Obama is only out for Obama. We dont vote for an anti Americans. Obama is an ANTI AMERICAN COMMUNIST SELL OUT. He wants ALL African Americans to believe you are the underclass.When you apply for a home loan do the banks care about the color of your skin? NO they only care on how much you can get a loan for, This is based on your credit score. I know I refinanced my home and the company that got it done NEVER SAW ME ALL BY PHONE AND FAX. Dont let him put this GREAT NATION DOWN .WE ARE AMERICA WE THE PEOPLE. NOT ANYONE COLOR OR RACE. NOT ANYONE RELIGION . BUT ONE AMERICA.

    You DONT RAISE TAXES WHEN THE DOLLAR IS DOWN . YOU DONT CUT THE FUNDS TO THE ARMED SERVICES WHEN THEY ARE ON THE BATTLE FIELD. And that is what he wants . Seeing he has never put his life in the line of fire saying I WILL DEFEND MY COUNTRY WITH MY LIFE. THAT IS WHAT AMERICAN PATRIOT IS . He wants to give the hard working AMERICANS MONEY TO THOSE THAT WANT TO SAY I JUST CANT DO IT. BLACK OR WHITE . WE ALL WORK HARD AND WE ALL PAY OUR TAXES. ITS NOT RACE ITS HOW HARD YOU WORK. He see him self as a new JFK. Thats odd Ask not what your country can do for you , But what you can do for your country. That means smaller government less pointless programs less taxes. More accountability to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. That is John McCains plan. Less in taxes less in Government spending . MORE POWER TO THE COUNRTY. WAKE UP LOOK WHAT THE CRAP THE ANTI AMERICAN IS SELLING.

  2. sethkahn says:

    That’s a nice rant, sfokc. Fortunately for us Obama supporters, we already know that not a word of it is true. You’re exactly who I was thinking of when I posted the other day that people who are misinformed should stay home on election day.

    Obama isn’t raising taxes on the middle or even upper middle classes. Obama isn’t looking to privilege ethnic minorities in any way. Obama isn’t a Communist.

    You’ve bought into the smears and lies of the McPalin campaign, and I’m sorry to hear it. I doubt there’s much time for you to get your head out of the sand and learn the truth, but I’ll hope for it. Otherwise, you’re a danger to the nation and its citizens, if you vote based on these kinds of lies.

  3. ashpolitics says:

    I finally had to censor out any post to my blog that contained the word “goldfarb” in it. I hate doing that, but I was being inundated.

    Re: sfokc’s rant: right on, Seth. I heard Palin say the other day, “Do you want to work for your government or do you want your government to work for you?” How’s your government gonna work for you if no one’s paying taxes? How is your government gonna keep up the infrastructure (ya know, things like roads and bridges … remember that one that broke and all those people died and folks went crazy about how all of our infrastructure is broken?) if no one is paying taxes? Where do people think the money comes from? It’s astounding. A modest tax cut on the middle class is necessary to reinvigorate the economy. But a mindset which says that no one should pay taxes or that there should be some sort of miniscule flat tax is absurd.

  4. Sal says:

    Though I was no supporter of Obama during the election, Nancy is illogical, irrational, unreasonable, and rude.

  5. TOM says:

    Wake up guy. It is you that’s the left wing wingnut, You obama lover drone.

    P.S Nancy Goldfarb is smart. You dumb.

    • sethkahn says:

      I’m actually not an Obama supporter. If you actually read anything I’ve written, you’d know that. But instead, you throw talking points around and accuse others of being stupid because they didn’t say what you’d like them to say. Great. You’ve called me “dumb” twice today. We both know that’s not true. If you haven’t got anything more interesting to say than name calling, take it somewhere else.

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