Where did the USA go?

It’s probably too close to my bedtime to take this question up, but I have to get it out of my system…

At the DNC, Al Gore’s speech asked why this campaign is so close.  I wonder that too.  How on Earth is it possible that anybody could vote for that ticket?  How is it possible that they might win?  Can anybody *really* imagine Sarah Palin as President?  Can anybody really imagine John McCain with the authority to make decisions about war and peace?  Does anybody who isn’t already filthy rich really want to hand more of our hard-earned money to people who already own everything?  Does anybody really believe that making the rich richer will help anybody but the rich?  Does anybody really believe that offering health insurance tax credits to middle and low-income citizens will help them get insurance?

If you can answer yes to any of those questions, we don’t live on the same planet, much less the same country. 

It’s unspeakably frightening and sad that anybody believes a word that comes out of the mouths of those liars. 

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are no princes, to be sure.  But both are committed to giving our country back to the people it should belong to: US.

Or in the punk-rock anthem terms of the Dead Kennedys’ “Stars and Stripes of Corruption”:

“This land I love it too/I think I love it more than you/I care enough to fight the Stars and Stripes of Corruption.” 

God (Gods/Goddesses) bless Jello Biafra.

3 Responses to Where did the USA go?

  1. sethkahn says:

    Hmm. A few days out from the election probably isn’t time for a debate about what constitutes “fact.” Let’s just say for now that I disagree with your use of the term. I would agree that some of what you’re showing here is suggestive of the claims you make about Obama and Ayers, but it certainly doesn’t constitute proof.

    And for the record, anybody who believes the Klan has only been responsible for six deaths doesn’t live on the same planet as I do. We all know that Klan members, participating in Klan-sponsored (and Klan-provoked) activities, have killed and injured many more people than that.

    What William Ayers did was really bad. Don’t undercut your own argument by cooking the books.

  2. ashpolitics says:

    I just had this same conversation with my Dad. The only reason I can see for folks to choose the Republican ticket is the abortion issue, right? Because what else is there? Really, what else could drive one to vote for that ticket? I cannot see it. I just can’t. And if you’re willing to throw away everything else that is important in this country (the economy, foreign relations, civil justice, health care, etc.) over the issue of choice, then I think you have your sense of priorities extremely out of whack.

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