Playing (Army of) God

Yesterday, on my blogger-buddy Ashley’s blog (AshPolitics–click to it from my blogroll), a Reverend Donald Spitz commented that pro-life “activists” who kill doctors and bomb abortion clinics aren’t “terrorists” because they’re protecting unborn babies.

I’m sickened by the advocacy of violence in the Reverend’s post.  It’s not just that he’s lost perspective on right and wrong, although that’s part of it (he seems not to recognize that murder is murder, no matter who commits it).  I’m even more sickened that the writer is a Reverend, somebody to whom people turn for spiritual guidance and, in some cases, even salvation.  He’s somebody who should be able to claim the trust of his congregation on the basis of having special insight into God’s will (for those who believe in such things).

Instead, in what strikes me as a quintessential example of the bully-pulpit, Reverend Spitz advocates murder, pure and simple.  I can only imagine–actually, I can’t, and I’m glad–what kinds of hate and violence he spews in his church.  He’s gone beyond appointing himself judge and jury; he gets to decide on executions as well.  If that doesn’t overstep the boundaries of righteousness, I don’t know what does.

So, Reverend Spitz, if you really believe that murder is a moral good, go out and try it so we can lock you up where you belong.  Don’t hide behind your frock while others do your bidding for you.  Don’t tell people who believe in your moral guidance to kill people you believe should be dead.  You’re not a general, sir, nor are you at war.

Sarah Palin’s inciting audience members to threaten Barack Obama’s life is despicable.  This is worse.

2 Responses to Playing (Army of) God

  1. ashpolitics says:

    While we don’t want anyone playing God, I’ll thank you again for playing Gabriel and putting the good Reverend in his place. He is of the Crusader ilk, I suppose, and I, too, have lost patience for his particular brand of righteousness. Keep up the good work and a (belated) congrats on your 5,000th visitor!

  2. sethkahn says:

    Thanx Ash, but I didn’t put him in his place. I don’t believe in Hell, anyway. We’ll both keep up the work; it’s what we do!

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