McPalin can’t get their stories straight

On “Meet the Press’ this morning, McCain “guaranteed victory” in the election.  Meanwhile, at a rally in Florida, Palin accused Obama of acting like he’d already won the election.  That, of course, comes on the heels of Obama’s repeated insistence over the last week or so that his supporters not be overconfident because the election hasn’t happened yet.

So, it’s OK for her running mate to act like he’s already won the election, but not the other guy (the fact that Obama hasn’t done anything of the sort notwithstanding).

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be able to lie so easily and often.  If the stakes weren’t so high, this would be an interesting study in a person’s ability to ignore facts, evidence, truth, reality… It’s really quite amazing.

Go home, Sarah.

8 Responses to McPalin can’t get their stories straight

  1. Perhaps if McCain had picked a “Community Organizer” as his VP choice, his campaign would be doing better in the polls.

  2. Lance says:

    Maybe there’s a reason Palin is saying one thing and McCain’s saying another: I’m not so sure they’re playing nicely anymore.

  3. sethkahn says:

    I can’t imagine McCain and Palin much liking each other personally; they’re too much alike. So it’s no surprise they’d have a hard time working together, especially to the extent that McCain is trying hard, at the behest of his Rovian tacticians, to keep Palin from doing her thing.

    Cats, I don’t think anything could help McCain much in the polls. Everything he’s right about, Obama is better at; everything else, he’s wrong about.

  4. Lee Waters says:

    Seth! Made it back from the ‘stan just in time for the silly season. Having watched the election coverage from afar, one just has to laugh. Being over there (and in Iraq the year before) puts things here in perspective. I did have to chuckle a bit regarding your comment about a person’s ability to ignore facts, evidence, etc… as the same thing can be said about the Obama camp (which would include most of the major media outlets from what I’ve been able to see). Hope all is well with you, your family and your students!

  5. sethkahn says:

    Lee: Examples of the Obama camp ignoring facts? It’s funny you accuse the mainstream media of “siding” with Obama all the time, while it’s Obama who’s been much more likely to be accused by the media of any factual inaccuracy, while McPalin has gotten free pass after free pass for telling obvious lies.

  6. Lee Waters says:

    Sorry, just don’t see it that way. The questioning of the McCain camp has been much more aggressive, condescending and downright mean while the press overall has been tossing softballs to the Obama side with little if any substantive follow ups (things from his tax plan to his associations with ACORN, etc…). On the rare occasions when someone does get to ask tough questions of the Obama side, they are immediately attacked by surrogates (to include other members of the press), investigated themselves or called racists. The attitude is almost like “how dare you question us!” You can’t seriously say that the overall media treatment of Palin has been better than Biden.

  7. sethkahn says:

    Lee: Before getting into details, one observation seems important to make. When we talk about “the media,” we can’t talk about it as if it were monolithic. There are thousands of “mainstream” media outlets with biases that fall out all across the political spectrum. So yes, there are certainly media outlets that lean left, and others that lean right. I know most conservatives (and some liberals) refuse to acknowledge this simple reality.

    I can see why you’d say that Obama’s getting softballs re: ACORN, although from my point of view (and the perspectives of anybody who’s really been paying attention to voter-access issues over the last 10 years), the ACORN story is nothing but a smokescreen trumped up by the GOP to hide the fact that Republican-led state voting boards all over the country have been purging Democrats illegally (and yes, this is very, very well documented).

    Your claim that the Obama campaign responds to criticisms with a “How dare you” is just not true. I’ve heard McPalin’s camp say that probably a thousand times in the last month, without providing a single instance in which it’s actually happened. Obama has responded directly to every criticism; he doesn’t start criticizing the strategy until the GOP insists on simply repeating the discredited attacks. I don’t blame him for being irritated about that.

    And if you don’t understand why the media would be tougher when they question Sarah Palin than Joe Biden, you need to think about it again. On the one hand, there’s somebody with a long record and documented expertise. On the other, a character nobody had heard of 2 months ago, who has routinely lied about the record she does have. How much mileage did SP get from the “I said thanks but no thanks to the Bridge to Nowhere” before the record showed this to be a complete lie? How much has she waved the “reformer” flag around even though a Republican-dominated committee found that she’d abused her office in the Troopergate scandal? And again when she received tens of thousands of dollars in reimbursements when her family traveled with her to events they weren’t even invited to, much less not constituting “state business?”

    As for McCain, he’s been repeating for months now that the Obama tax plan would raise taxes on the middle class. That is fundamentally not correct. Obama’s plan lowers taxes on the middle class; it doesn’t raise them. We could debate the wisdom of such a move, but to lie about the policy directly doesn’t qualify as “debate.” Same with Obama’s health care plan, which would NOT establish a Canadian or EU-style health care system (I wish it would–his plan is far too milquetoast for my taste). So the repeated accusations about what Obama “really” means, in the face of two years of what Obama has actually said, are nothing but dishonest.

    And the mainstream media, for the most part, simply hasn’t addressed this. They allow McPalin and their advisers on their shows and in their columns, repeating the same lies over and over again, without ever calling the lies what they are. They enable the distribution of false information, let it pass without comment, and then get attacked by people like you for being biased? What?!?

    I expect you’ll respond that I’m only telling half the story (and not telling that half all that well), but from my point of view, the mainstream media’s treatment of SP has been a lot less intense than she deserves. And McCain, too, for that matter. He gets a free pass on lots of stuff because of his POW experience. You (and lots of others) might argue that he should get a free pass because of that, but Wes Clark was right about six months ago when he said that McCain’s POW experience doesn’t qualify him for the Presidency. It’s tragic and horrible, and on a human level I’m glad he’s been able to stay relatively sane and healthy, but that’s not all it takes to be President.

  8. Lee Waters says:

    Just a quick point about the Obama tax plan. Leaving aside the question of who he considers rich ($250K, $200K or is it $150K today?). His plan does not give a tax break to the middle class in the traditional sense. Marginal rates will stay the same (except for those defined as rich). Instead, he gives tax credits/rebates to many who pay no income tax at all. In fact, 86% of all Fed income taxes are already paid by the top 25% with the top 1% of wage earners pay 39% of income taxes.

    Regarding the treatment of Palin being deserved due to her being lesser known, I will concur that questions should be tough. Just asking for it to go both ways. Obama is also a much lesser known quantity and has been very good (dare I say “Clintonesque”) at making sure videos, writings, publications are hard to find, denying certain associations, yet very little press uproar has been raised. I would argue that he is more of an unknown than Palin (very little legislation authored in Ill or in the Senate, voting present more than any other rep) and perhaps best known for giving a speech at the 2004 convention. A good speech does not qualify one to be President either. As to Biden, he certainly does have a record (voting to cut off funds in Vietnam, very anti-military during the cold war, voted against the 1st Gulf War, etc…) not to mention his multitude of gaffes. However, it does not get much play. Mainstream press just yawns. If McCain or Palin had asked a parapalegic to stand up and be recognized, we would never have heard the end of it. All we ask for is a little bit of parity.

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