I didn’t watch the third debate but…

…by all accounts except Faux News, it sounds like Barack Obama did what he needed to.  He was clear (as clear as candidates can be in any debate format) about his policy stances; he was clear about his relationships to Bill Ayers and ACORN, both of which are non-starter issues that McPalin has blown up into huge smokescreens because they have nothing else to say.  And it’s become quite clear that pretty much nobody but ultra-right wackos give two shits, or even one, about either of those issues.  They realize that neither of them has jack to do with their pension funds or whether they can afford medical treatment.  Duh.

So I’m hopeful that McPalin may have finally tossed its last (metaphorical) firebomb and missed.  Any other useless, baseless attack on Obama is just going to look frantic, which it will be.  In the larger picture, I’m actually starting to believe that the pendulum of sanity might be swinging back towards reality a bit.  Many of the videos of ultra-right-wackos at McPalin rallies have made national news.  People are seeing what the vocal elements of the Republican party look like.  Or more precisely, the media is finally shining a light into the dark corners of the party and exposing the crazies for what they are.  It’s my hope that the sanity wing of the Republican Party (such as it is) will finally tell the crazies to bugger off.  They’ll tell the angry mob types, like Ann Coulter, to shut up.  They’ll tell the televangelist-preacher-freak crowd to shut up.

The general public’s reaction to the threats against Obama’s life, the calls to “kill him” and “cut off his head,” and so on, indicate that Barack Obama was right in his acceptance speech at the DNC.


One Response to I didn’t watch the third debate but…

  1. Kurt says:

    Idiots like John Hagee have been revving up the base from the pulpit. “Drill, baby, drill!” is now somehow a Biblical principle.
    Still, I can’t wait to hear Barack Obama’s victory speech on Nov. 4!

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