Racism at a Repubican rally

Don’t watch this video if you’ve eaten recently.  It’s one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen during this whole campaign season.  What’s especially disturbing about it is how proud the guy is of himself; doesn’t seem to occur to him that his incredibly shameless display of overt racism might be a problem.

If you’re a Republican, you should think awfully hard about whether you want your party’s image to be left in the hands of sick bastards like this guy.

9 Responses to Racism at a Repubican rally

  1. […] to say.  My friend Seth solved it for me.  I’ll quote his opener and encourage you to go to his site and read the whole thing: Don’t watch this video if you’ve eaten recently.  It’s one of the […]

  2. Tim says:

    Jesus. I’m glad the bastards are going down the tubes!

  3. sethkahn says:

    I wouldn’t put it that way yet, Tim. They’re unraveling, but there are still plenty of people out there who are with them (as this video indicates). Not off the hook yet.

  4. Tim says:

    Hey Seth,

    I know, you’re right. The whole thing is making me so overexcited that I can’t seem to express myself rationally. And I must say, you’re doing an excellent job of expressing yourself in much more civil terms than just about all the other blogs & articles out there – something about this election is making people giddy & bloodlusty (of course, GOPers more than others). Good call about the violence-advocating cartoon, also: it made me think twice about the nasty little internal cheer I had when I read it. And that’s why people like me, or Palin, or McCain, shouldn’t have their finger on the button.


  5. Lee Waters says:

    Sick video, but have to say there is stuff just as bad (if not worse) coming from the other side, it just doesn’t make the news. On the milder side, I had my car window broken this afternoon due to a campaign sticker. Go figure.

  6. sethkahn says:

    Lee: No there isn’t. Nobody is attacking John McCain or Sarah Palin because of their race. Nobody has threatened to kill either of them because of their race. Nobody has advocating killing either of them, out loud at least, at one of their rallies.

    Yes, people say nasty things about McPalin, but nothing like what we hear from McPalin supporters. And you know that, Lee.

    By the way, you’re talking to a bunch of blog readers who don’t just follow mainstream news. Where would find evidence of “just as bad” coming from Democrats?

    How do you know your broken car window is related to your sticker? I don’t disbelieve you, but I’m curious about how you connect them.

  7. Lee Waters says:

    How do I connect the sticker? Well, it could be that the hammer strike (or whatever was used) was right on the sticker. It was also on a night where 6 yard signs for Republican candidates were taken with some being defaced and others replaced with Obama signs.

    Actually, most of the hate I hear comes from the left. Funny that the line about people advocating killing Obama at Palin rallies keeps getting repeated, but no evidence to support the claim has been presented (Secret Service said it didn’t happen). I have seen reports of numerous effigies of Palin/McCain being hung and burned, McCain being dressed up like a member of the Klan, talk of the need to “gang rape” Palin (violence against women?) and the need to vote against them because simply because they are white. I’m a little tired of being told by the media that I’m a racist because I don’t think that a person with Obama’s credentials (or lack thereof), viewpoints, and policy proposals should be president. Race has nothing to do with it. Obama has been very adept at characterizing any questioning of him as a personal attack or an attack on his race.

    I’m not saying there are not racists and whack-jobs out there on the right. It would simply be nice to see a little acknowledgment that there are plenty on the left as well.

  8. sethkahn says:

    Lee: Yes, there are leftist wackos out there. And we must be watching/reading different news, because I do get reports of what you’re describing. Every day.

    The Secret Service did NOT say the “Kill him” instance didn’t happen. SS says they can’t find the person believed to have said it, and the video evidence isn’t convincing enough for them to pursue every member of the crowd in order to find out who did say it. So maybe the evidence doesn’t meet a legal standard high enough to warrant an arrest, but that’s very different from saying it “didn’t happen.”

    If you have a link or citation for anybody saying that people should vote against McPalin because they’re white, I’d love to see it. By the same logic, we should vote against Obama/Biden because they’re 3/4 white.

    You’ve never been told by the media that you’re a racist, Lee. I’ve heard even one person, much less Obama himself, claim that anybody should vote for him because he’s black. This is classic strawman reasoning; you’re responding to an attack that hasn’t been made so that you can attack the “attacker” for making the attack.

    It’s hard not to hear what you already expect people to say, but I think that’s what’s happening with much of the right these days. Conservatives are convinced of all kinds of subtexts and hidden agendas. McCain himself used the “nailing jello to a tree” metaphor in one of the debates, which I thought was deeply ironic. He’s the one who has injected all kinds of nutty conspiracy arguments into the campaign, and for him to then argue that Obama is “hiding” an agenda that exists only in the speeches of John McCain is disingenuine at best.

  9. Lee Waters says:

    Seth, I believe (after talking with some friends in the Secret Service) that the exact quote was there was no credible evidence to support the claim (other than the sole reporter).

    Actually, there have been numerous articles stating that racisim could cost Obama the election. John Murtha has been out there a lot lately. That “socialist” and “community organizers” are just code words for black. Congressmen Hastings, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, Jr and John Lewis have all said similar things.

    I do find your strawman comment very interesting in that it is something the left is very good at, especially in this campaign. It was on this very issue of race in fact (brought up by Obama himself). He is the one who set this up with his comments about people saying he doesn’t look like the folks on the dollar bill, has a funny name, etc… when such attacks were not part of the McCain campaign.

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