Joking about violence is never OK

Pat Oliphant editorial cartoon

Pat Oliphant editorial cartoon

My friend Greg sent me this editorial cartoon this morning in response to a thread on my Facebook page about the McPalin incitements to violence.  He asked me if I thought an Obama supporter would ever advocate violence towards McPalin, and I told him I had a hard time imagining that.

This cartoon, in my estimation, is over the line in terms of recommending violence, no matter how satirical it purports to be.  I don’t mean to claim that it’s just as bad or dangerous as the “Kill him” comment at a Palin rally the other day–it isn’t.  Both Palin and Cheyney are avowed hunters, and Cheyney certainly took some deserved flak (pun intended) for his, um, mishap a couple of years ago when he accidentally hit one of his hunting buddies with some buckshot. 

Even the suggestion that Cheyney and Palin should “go hunting” can’t help but evoke Cheyney’s misfire.  Try as I might, I can’t help but interpret this cartoon as speaking the hope that maybe he’d do it to her too.


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