John McCain and Sarah Palin are the terrorists

By now, we all know that Sarah Palin’s role in the McCain campaign is to provoke false accusations and threats of violence towards Barack Obama.  Her speech in FL on Saturday, in which Palin accused Obama of “pallin’ around with terrorists,” was nothing short of slander.  McCain’s speech yesterday, in which he accused Obama of simply insulting McCain every time McCain questioned his record, was disturbing not just because of its content, which was full of ugly lies and distortions, but more so because of the crowd’s reaction.  I’ve never been in a lynch mob, but I have to expect that it sounds much like that crowd did.

Worse, even, than those was the rally yesterday at which a McPalin supporter yelled “Kill him!” “Him,” of course, is Barack Obama.  A perfect opportunity for Sarah Palin to demonstrate that she’s anything other than a bloodthirsy psychopath, instead, nothing.  Nothing.  Let me say that again.  Nothing.  One of her audience members advocated assassinating a sitting US Senator and Presidential candidate, and Palin said nothing.  Neither has John McCain said anything.

It’s another round, much like the Dayton mosque attack last week, of the McPalin campaign propagating bloodlust among their supporters, and saying NOTHING when that bloodlust finds public voice and action.  These candidates actually support a strategy that results in attempted and threatened murder.

No matter how close Barack Obama and Bill Ayers might ever have been or might ever be, Obama hasn’t done anything near as horrifying as this.

This isn’t just electoral politics.  This is terrorism.  It’s honing in on people’s darkest fears and basest instincts, and letting people like this crawl out from under their rocks.  It’s recruiting bad people to their cause, knowing that at least some of them (and the Dayton mosque attack is evidence of this) will actually follow through on their threats.

More than ever, I’m deeply, deeply troubled that any sane person could consider voting for the McPalin ticket.  If you don’t toe their party line, you could be next.

2 Responses to John McCain and Sarah Palin are the terrorists

  1. Ted says:

    One has to admit Obama is neck deep in the usual liberal Chicago corruption ties, now couple that with Ayers,ACORN,and do not forget Frank Marshall Davis….Obama’s election to a presidental canidate calls into serious question the judgement and reason of liberals.

  2. sethkahn says:

    Sure, to some extent Obama is a Chicagoan; what do you expect from somebody who came of age in Chicago politics? Just like McCain came of age with Frank Keating.

    The Ayers issue is nothing but overblown, and I think you know that. There’s simply no evidence that Obama sympathizes, or has ever sympathized, with Ayers 1960s agenda. In fact, the evidence shows just the opposite; Obama has condemned that agenda. If McCain gets to apologize for his clear faults advocating for Keating, why doesn’t Obama get the same courtesy? If Sarah Palin gets to say, “No, that’s my husband who belonged to AIP, not me,” then why would you believe her any more than you’d believe Obama–except that you just don’t want to accept Obama’s explanation?

    I’m a supporter of and contributor to ACORN, so I don’t see Obama’s work with them as a flaw.

    Have to read up on Davis; I’ve heard the name, I think, but don’t know the details.

    From your perspective, as I’m understanding it so far, I can see why you’d question the judgment of people who would vote for Obama. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that question cuts both ways. I can’t understand for the life of me how anybody who isn’t filthy rich and corrupt would vote for McCain. I don’t see a single policy stance that doesn’t favor the already-favored, that promises any hope of relief or help to people who have spent the last 8 years getting screwed six ways to hell.

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