Four weeks out from the Presidential election, it has become indisputably clear to me that John McCain and Sarah Palin have absolutely nothing positive to offer our country as they run for the highest offices in the land.  In my head, it’s no longer a matter of disagreement.  I don’t just think their policy stances are disagreeable.  I wouldn’t even say I think they’re simply wrong.  I’ve become convinced, over the last few weeks, that both Republican candidates (and their entire campaign organizations) are irredeemably bad, and that the world will be a worse place (morally, ethically, materially) if they win.

There’s just no other way to explain their insistence, for example, that Barack Obama “consorts” with terrorists because he’s been on a couple of committees with Bill Ayers, who’s been a model citizen for decades.  Or their insistence that Wall Street needs more oversight at the same time that Democrats are “socialists” for calling for more oversight.  Or that the continued occupation of Iraq, which has produced nothing but bloodshed for most and profit for a few, is the “central front in the war on terrorism.”  Or that taxing health benefits will somehow improve health care for the millions of US citizens and families who can’t afford any health care at all.

Given their worldview, in which it’s apparently OK simply to lie about everything, and then when caught just lie some more, it’s no surprise that the McPalin campaign announced its last-month-from-election strategy the other day: attack and smear Barack Obama, even though the attacks have absolutely zero basis in reality, in hopes that people’s most base fears will make them stay home.  McPalin knows they have no chance of winning a high turnout election (Republicans never do), so they’re going to be as offensive as possible in hopes of alienating people even more from the electoral process.

We (actual human beings with ethics, that is) cannot let this happen.  If you’re in a public place with TVs when one of those McPalin attack ads comes on, start singing or jumping up and down or doing whatever you have to do to deflect attention from them.  If you’re walking down the street and a McPalin activist tries to talk to you, let him/her.  Spend as much time with them as you can stomach; that’s less time they can spend with people who might actually listen to them.  When you talk politics with conservatives, use the word “lie” as often as you can; you still won’t be able to use it enough to be really accurate about how often they lie, but it’s a step in the right direction.

And finally, let the Obama/Biden campaign know that your insistence on honesty cuts both ways.  They don’t get a free pass on telling the truth about themselves or their opposition just because McPalin is such a shameless liar.

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