Initial Veep debate reactions

On my way to class in a few minutes, so this’ll be short–

1.  Biden knows his stuff.  Yeah, he misspeaks from time to time, but it’s clear that he has experience dripping out the wazoo, much like McCain. 

2.  It’s clear, too, that Barack Obama understands issues, of all stripes, a lot better than Sarah Palin does.  I don’t know if he’s *smarter*, necessarily, but he clearly has thought more about more complicated things than she has. 

3.  Joe Biden won a huge stack of points for calling out McCain/Palin on the “Maverick” riff.  John McCain’s about as maverick as a sofa, and it was time for a member of the Democratic ticket to say that out loud.

4.  Sarah Palin isn’t as inept as some of us thought (hoped) she was.  Neither did she anything particularly smart or incisive, but she didn’t botch anything. 

5.  I don’t care how “folksy” she pretends to be.  Middle-class and working-class citizens don’t own homes worth $500, 000, don’t have two “vacation retreats,” and generally don’t own airplanes.  Neither are middle and working-class citizens governors of states, even states with small populations.  It’s just a flat lie that she’s “one of us.” 

More later, I’m sure.

2 Responses to Initial Veep debate reactions

  1. Bill says:

    And even if she was “one of us” before being tapped as v.p. nominee, that all ended five weeks ago. Regardless of how the election turns out, her honorarium for giving lectures is now well into the six figures. You know, being a demagogue is one things, she’s claiming membership in a social class identity category that’s clearly divorced from her lived experience.

  2. sethkahn says:

    I dunno, Bill. I’m not sure she’s “claiming” working-class identity so much as she’s saying she does. As rhetoricians, maybe we don’t distinguish between those two concepts often enough. She’s certainly shown herself willing to evade questions and lie directly, so presenting herself as some kind of middle-class champion is likely just another hoax. I realize that people who come from working-class backgrounds/roots/families/identities often maintain their working-class-ness even when their paychecks get middle-class or higher, but Palin is showing none of the guilt I’ve often seen from working-turned-middle-class folks for their (ahem) good fortune.

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