The stakes in this election keep getting clearer

In a nutshell, here’s what a vote for Obama/Biden accomplishes–

1.  It expunges the Rove gang from the White House, I hope once and for all.  It’s time for those sleazebags to crawl back under whatever rock they came from underneath.

2.  It at least opens up the possibility of a White House that cares about citizens who don’t run energy companies or military contractors.

3.  It gives the Democratic majority in Congress at least the hope that they can get signatures on meaningful legislation.

4.  It will keep the Supreme Court from getting even more conservative.

5.  It sends a message to moderate Republicans that there’s a place for them in the tent, while it tells the ultra-conservative neocons to screw off.

6.  It results in lower taxes for most people, even though the Republican attack machine insists on lying about this.  And it’s no wonder they lie about it, because they’re certainly not winning the White House on the merits of their own platform.

I’m generally a pretty forgiving person, but the havoc and destruction wrought on this country and the world courtesy of neoconservative policy over the last 8 years is simply unforgiveable.  As much as I’d like to see Bush/Cheney/Rove/Abrams/Wolfie/Rummy-and-the-gang do the prison time they deserve, I’ve pretty much lost hope that they’ll ever be punished for their atrocities.

However, those of us who find them contemptible can send a clear message that we’re taking our country back, that we’ve had ENOUGH of them.  We can punish them and their whole machine.  We can do this by voting against candidates who have swallowed their lines, who have sold their souls to the power-mongers, and by voting for candidates who understand one simple concept–

The government that governs best is the one that actually does the will of the people.  It’s called democracy.

By the way, in the hour since I posted this, several people have read it already.  Nobody’s leaving comments.  Please do; I’m interested in hearing other people’s thinking about this.

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