A horrifying story about Republican propaganda

Pro-McCain group distributes DVD in swing states to incite fear. Result: Muslim children Gassed at Dayton Ohio Mosque

I knew the Republicans would stoop low in this election, but this is really vile. The Clarion Fund backs McCain. Why isn’t he denouncing this?… Because McCain would do ANYTHING to win. He’d rather win an election that display moral integrity. Who knows, maybe someone in his campaign even approved of the DVDs being distributed hoping something like this would occur.

From Daily Kos:

Muslim Children Gassed at Dayton Mosque After “Obsession” DVD Hits Ohio

Sun Sep 28, 2008 at 05:32:40 PM PDT

On Friday, September 26, the end of a week in which thousands of copies of Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West – the fear-mongering, anti-Muslim documentary being distributed by the millions in swing states via DVDs inserted in major newspapers and through the U.S. mail — were distributed by mail in Ohio, a “chemical irritant” was sprayed through a window of the Islamic Society of Greater Dayton, where 300 people were gathered for a Ramadan prayer service. The room that the chemical was sprayed into was the room where babies and children were being kept while their mothers were engaged in prayers. This, apparently, is what the scare tactic political campaigning of John McCain’s supporters has led to — Americans perpetrating a terrorist attack against innocent children on American soil.

I read the story as reported by the Dayton Daily News, but this was after I had received an email written by a friend of some of the victims of these American terrorists. The matter of fact news report in the Dayton paper didn’t come close to conveying the horrific impact of this unthinkable act like the email I had just read, so I asked the email’s author for permission to share what they had written. The author was with one of the families from the mosque — a mother and two of the small children who were in the room that was gassed — the day after the attack occurred.

“She told me that the gas was sprayed into the room where the babies and children were being kept while their mothers prayed together their Ramadan prayers. Panicked mothers ran for their babies, crying for their children so they could flee from the gas that was burning their eyes and throats and lungs. She grabbed her youngest in her arms and grabbed the hand of her other daughter, moving with the others to exit the building and the irritating substance there.

“The paramedic said the young one was in shock, and gave her oxygen to help her breathe. The child couldn’t stop sobbing.

“This didn’t happen in some far away place — but right here in Dayton, and to my friends. Many of the Iraqi refugees were praying together at the Mosque Friday evening. People that I know and love.

“I am hurt and angry. I tell her this is NOT America. She tells me this is not Heaven or Hell — there are good and bad people everywhere.

“She tells me that her daughters slept with her last night, the little one in her arms and sobbing throughout the night. She tells me she is afraid, and will never return to the mosque, and I wonder what kind of country is this where people have to fear attending their place of worship?

“The children come into the room, and tell me they want to leave America and return to Syria, where they had fled to from Iraq. They say they like me, … , and other American friends — but they are too afraid and want to leave. Should a 6 and 7 year old even have to contemplate the safety of their living situation?

“Did the anti-Muslim video circulating in the area have something to do with this incident, or is that just a bizarre coincidence? Who attacks women and children?

“What am I supposed to say to them? My words can’t keep them safe from what is nothing less than terrorism, American style. Isn’t losing loved ones, their homes, jobs, possessions and homeland enough? Is there no place where they can be safe?

“She didn’t want me to leave her tonight, but it was after midnight, and I needed to get home and write this to my friends. Tell me – tell me – what am I supposed to say to them?”

When acting as a representative of Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), the 501(c)3 non-profit organization that I work for, I cannot engage in political activities. The distribution of Obsession, however, although a political campaign scheme, clearly crosses over into the mission of MRFF. So, I’m going to make two statements here — one in my capacity as MRFF’s Research Director, and another as an individual whose disgust at the vile campaign tactics of John McCain’s supporters completely boiled over when I opened up the email about children being gassed.

My statement as MRFF’s Research Director:

The presidential campaign edition of the Obsession DVD, currently being distributed by the Clarion Fund, carries the endorsement of the chair of the counter-terrorism department of the U.S. Naval War College, using the name and authority of an official U.S. military institution not only to validate an attack the religion of Islam, but to influence a political campaign. For these reasons, this endorsement has been included in MRFF’s second lawsuit against the Department of Defense, which was filed on September 25 in the Federal District Court in Kansas.

My opinion as an individual and thoroughly appalled human being:

John McCain has a moral obligation to publicly censure the Clarion Fund, the organization that produced Obsession and is distributing the DVDs; to denounce the inflammatory, anti-Muslim message of Obsession; and to do everything in his power to stop any further campaign activities by his supporters that have the potential to incite violence.




This info/Post was brought to my attention by Pennsylvania for Change, a blog for the moral upliftment of America in the 2008 election.

9 Responses to A horrifying story about Republican propaganda

  1. Bruce says:

    It’s true. This is terrorism happening from the right-wing. It’s sickening. I hope the MSM gets ahold of this and it becomes REAL HEADLINES, as it should. Thanks for posting it as well. I hope a LOT of blogs post it. And thank God for Chris Rodda bringing it forth to Daily Kos as he did.

    And by the way, as someone posted on my blog they weren’t buying it because it was Daily Kos, check the source. It was reported in a Dayton newspaper. Just follow all the links.

  2. SPP says:

    Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question.ThomasJeffersonThomas Jefferson

  3. Ted says:

    This is run of the mill lib lunacy and did make a nice link in my latest piece on our forum.

  4. sethkahn says:

    The lunacy here, Ted, is that some nutjob decided to spray poison chemicals into a room full of children during a religious service. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize, OK? Threatening the lives of children for pretty much any reason is way, way worse than a blog entry you just don’t like. I hope you’ll post this in your forum, too, but I doubt it.

  5. Ted says:

    I would be glad to…but to tie this to the Republicans is a bit in the realm of the tin foil hat bunch….something I would expect from the Ron Paul bunch where 911 was an inside job.

    Obsession is about the threat of Islam which is very real and has a long bloody history even aligning with the Third Reich at one point.
    Here is the thread on my forum


  6. sethkahn says:

    I know what “Obsession” is about. I watched as much of it as I could stomach the other day. I don’t want to debate the truthfulness of the movie because I can already tell you’re not interested in being persuaded. So I’ll save both of us the energy.

    You’re still missing my point that the real problem here isn’t liberals, even if we’re flinging accusations you find comical. The real problem is that somebody sprayed poison chemicals into a room full of kids. And they did it to a mosque, not a church, not a synagogue, not a movie theater, not a school–a mosque. Do you really believe, I mean really deeply believe, that’s a coincidence?

  7. Ted says:

    Look..the kids did not deserve it…that said.
    Islam has been asking for what they get and the liberals that pander to them.
    I do not want to see any kid harmed..unless I am in the field and that kid has an AK pointed in my direction.
    My point is YES it happens and Obsession has been out for years now as well as Geert Wilders, Fitna.

    Let’s talk about all the Jewish temples attacked by the filthy muslims in Israel that the drive by media never reports…let’s talk about the kid’s shows which teach the “Jew” is the enemy of Islam and so are we here in the US.

    Here is a mainstream kid’s show

    So they can teach their hate toward us but the world according to libs, the US cannot teach what real Islam is about?
    Then when something happens..blame Republicans?

  8. sethkahn says:

    How, exactly, are liberals “pandering” to Islam by insisting (correctly) that the huge majority of Islam isn’t radical? And that some of worldwide Islam’s complaints about US foreign and economic policy are warranted?

    What troubles me about “Obsession” is its reduction of all Islam to only its most radical elements. In the same way that I hope you’d say not all conservatives share the urge to “Kill him” (Obama), or to invade sovereign nations under false pretenses, or what have you, “Obsession” misrepresents the very large majority of Islam by ascribing motives that aren’t there to people who don’t share them.

    I know you’ll disagree with that. So be it. I’m willing to trust the hundreds of millions of Muslims who condemned the 9/11/01 attacks, who condemn the kinds of attacks that occur in Israel, and so on. Obviously there are radical elements, but the film refuses to acknowledge that there also are non-radical elements.

  9. Ted says:

    There are some really decent Muslim folks..even one on my site being an ex Jihadi himself…but sadly most are radical…the Koran itself is quite radical on par in many ways with Mein Kampf..Obama is a radical but not Muslim as some claim…mostly a racist and Socialist…not much different from David Duke…just on the extreme left.

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