I’ll be back soon

Hi folks: Currently under a heavy load of work, not much time to think about writing until next week.  Please keep checking back.

In the meantime, please contact your Congresspeople in both houses and ask them not to authorize a Wall Street bailout that doesn’t do anything except hand a bunch of cash to a bunch of greedy bastards who have already proven that they can’t do anything except mismanage and steal it.

3 Responses to I’ll be back soon

  1. Tim says:

    Hi Seth,

    At least the Wall St bailout seems to have revealed Mr. Magoo’s inner financial bonehead. Shame about the trillion, but hey! It’s only poor folks’ money, so quit complaining. As long as my favourite smash n’ grab CEOs can still afford gold-plated tissue box holders, I know that the America that I believe in is still intact. Here’s to Palin-McCain ’09!

    The next time you start your complaining, please remember that the American economy is ‘fundamentally strong’.


  2. sethkahn says:

    I’ve had about enough of your Aussie sense of humor (oops, sorry… humour).

    One of the things I find appalling about this whole situation is that the same Republicans who complain about taxes are the first in line for taxpayer bailouts.

  3. Ted says:

    Could not agree more here and you can sure bet I called and called with a resounding…NO BAILOUT!

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