Palin’s not the problem; people who would vote for her are the problem

On Dick Cavett’s blog post about SP is this response–

Governor Palin’s ignorance of public policy and disdain for knowledge are embarrassing.

But what’s alarming is that she enjoys strong support from her party.

Millions of Republican voters, not Mrs. Palin, endanger our country.

— Posted by Joel Keenan”

Right on, Joel.  It occurred to me the other day that the selection of SP is entirely consistent with Rovian election tactics–select an utterly unqualified candidate, encourage the opposition to whip itself into a frenzy over the unqualified candidate, occasionally disrupt the process by throwing up a smokescreen of some kind, and watch the unqualified candidate sail into the sunset, bringing with him/her the whole neo-con apparatus to whom he/she now owes his/her job.

Sound familiar?

I’m hardly the first person to wonder aloud how anybody could vote for the McC/Palin ticket unless you’re a member of the ruling elite.  As a side-note, didn’t anybody else find it appalling that Mitt Romney, in his RNC address, had the unfettered gall to call Obama a member of the Eastern elite, when Romney inhereted more money than most nations have and was the GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS?  For heaven’s sake, people…

Anyway, as the dust settles from the Palin selection, I’m realizing more and more that she’s not the scary one.  Her quasi-populist charm cuts both ways.  People who can see her has a neighbor or friend ought to remember that we’re not electing our neighbors and friends for offices that give them access to unbelievable military and economic power.  Her ordinariness is exactly the problem.  Her fringe political beliefs are annoying and troubling to those of us her disagree with them, but the fact that anybody finds her *electable* is much scarier.

One Response to Palin’s not the problem; people who would vote for her are the problem

  1. Kurt says:

    I know she and her ilk scare me!
    You might find this clip interesting:

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