Looking forward to hearing from Obama again

Probably not a bad thing that Obama followed the tradition of keeping a low profile during the RNC, but now it’s time for him to start getting some real coverage again–and not letting everybody’s new favorite moose-killer take all the spotlight.

I see articles in the newspapers, often buried in the middle, about this or that campaign appearance, but there hasn’t been any real talk about Obama for more than a week now; that’s not good with the election less than 2 months away, not if he intends to win, anyway.

3 Responses to Looking forward to hearing from Obama again

  1. Kurt says:

    He’ll be talking to Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann at the same time, tonight at 8:00!

  2. David says:

    Hi Seth,

    Great blog (thanks for referring to it from RFP-L.)

    I can’t agree more with this sentiment. I am SO worried about Democratic hesitancy at this point. Biden keeps *praising* McCain, for cripe’s sake.

    Digby and Hulllaballoo (sp?) and Glenn Greenwald are really smart about this aspect of the campaign as well. At the moment I’m afraid, really afraid, but I really think if they let Joe Biden go, it might come back around.

    So Biden as well as Obama. Let’s get some intelligent occasions to hear from both of them going.

    Great blog!

  3. sethkahn says:

    Thanx, David. I didn’t get to see the show Kurt refers to above, but I’ll be looking for clips;. Time to get some traction again, eh?

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