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Cloudy, rainy Saturday morning.  Nasty…

Looking forward to watching some college football today.  I don’t think any of my teams are on today, but I’ll watch games anyway.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  Baseball season is dashing madly towards the playoffs, and every game feels hugely important.  College football is just kicking off, and anything seems possible.  Pro football is kicking off and Iggles fans already are angry and hostile.

Can’t get into details about this, but I wonder if people who become college/university administrators have to take special medication or treatment in order to get abusive and ridiculous.  I work in a university system with a collective bargaining agreement that, while unclear at times, is incredibly direct and specific for the most part.  Currently, I’m finding that managers on my campus simply refuse to comply with it.  It’s sickening.

Oh, wait.  Maybe they’re Republicans!  They don’t have to comply with the law!  They don’t have to serve anybody else’s interests (except their even loftier handlers).

I need to start thinking in earnest about the paper I’m supposed to give in Louisville next month. I’ve thought about thinking about it, but that’s not really the same thing, now is it?

I highly recommend to Democrats everywhere that you pocket your glee about John McC’s acceptance speech the other night.  I was on some website yesterday (Common Dreams or Truthout or something like that) and saw hundreds of posts expressing nearly orgasmic joy at how bad his speech was.  Two problems with that.  First, he wasn’t talking to you, so no wonder you thought his speech wasn’t any good.  Second, the tenor of the criticism was unbelievably childish and snippy.

We (Democrats) don’t benefit from sounding like idiots when we talk about our opponents.  We don’t benefit from sounding like our opponents when we talk about our opponents.  That’s why they’re opponents, remember?  Yes, I know I’ve routinely referred to the Republican prez nominee as “McScum” on the blog, which I intend to stop doing.  I won’t go back and edit them out, but I won’t call him that anymore.  His lies demonstrate his scumminess clearly enough without my reinforcement!

The main message between now and November: Unless you’re incredibly wealthy and/or incredibly brainwashed (read: Evangelical Christian), the Republican Party doesn’t give a sh*t about you or your life.  Make no mistake about this.

2 Responses to Ramblings, rumblings

  1. It was certainly a rainy day. My husband went to the Temple football game down at the Linc. I was suppose to go to buy I opted to stay home and remain dry.

    Obama has to win. The other choice is so bad.

  2. sethkahn says:

    I hope the way Temple lost isn’t an omen. I keep thinking about Al Gore’s speech at the DNC: “This election is such a no-brainer, so why is it so close?” Wish the answers to that question were as simple as he made them sound.

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