Community organizing and mayoring: a lesson in lying

I said the other day that I was done with Sarah Palin, but every time she opens her mouth she makes me want to put an oil pipeline in it.

During her speech to the RNC on Wed night, among other horrifically dishonest claims and jabs she offered, and among the utter absence of anything useful she offered, she attacked community organizers (at least Barack Obama’s organizing experience) as less significant than her experience as mayor of an Anchorage suburb.  I could write for 2 weeks straight probably about everything that’s wrong with this claim, but let’s look at these for now–

1.  The biggest problem, as I see it, is that Palin has revealed her governing philosophy in a way that policy discussions never could.  What she’s told us is that democracy doesn’t matter.  People coming together to work for a common good, or collective interests, isn’t real work.  Given her ultra-hyped experience as a PTA president (which, by the way, I respect more than many of my comrades), she should know better.  She does know better, I believe, but that didn’t stop her from contradicting her own claims about the importance of grassroots organizing for simple political gain.  And before any of you Palin supporters get all huffy about how garnering votes is the essence of democracy, you’re wrong.  Democracy is about working together to make sure the few don’t dominate the many, and voting for somebody who rejects democracy doesn’t change that.  As many of you are fond of pointing out, Hugo Chavez won fair and open elections, and his country isn’t especially democratic either.

2.  Her record as mayor is becoming clearer every day, and the important piece of info (in terms of my argument here) is that she didn’t do much of the mayoring.  She hired an “administrator” who did all the work, while she claimed credit for it and made speeches.  Even worse, the “administrator” that got hired to do her job for her did a bad job, which is obviously a problem given that the city council knew the administrator would do a better job than she did.

3.  Signing legislation that other people wrote, debated and passed isn’t leadership.  Neither is vetoing it.  Neither is firing and castigating people who disagree with you.  Leadership, in a democracy, is bringing people to work together for a common good.

In other words, community organizing.

4 Responses to Community organizing and mayoring: a lesson in lying

  1. mde says:

    She was a PTA member. I don’t remember anyone saying she was PTA president.

  2. sethkahn says:

    Hmm. I thought I saw “president” somewhere. If I can’t find where I thought I saw thought, I’ll retract it. Still doesn’t undo the essential point, though, that she’s claiming her PTA experience as “governing” when it’s convenient, and then arguing that other community organizing isn’t.

  3. John McCain is not a leader and neither is his soul mate. Starting tomorrow, we need to go after McCain tooth and nail and let Sarah fall by the wayside. Biden will take care of Sarah.

  4. sethkahn says:

    Absolutely. We need to keep all this in perspective; John McCain is the opponent here.

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