I wish this were amazing

Throughout the day, I’ve been seeing “reports” (read: smear efforts) to the effect that Sarah Palin’s 5th child is, in fact, her 17-year-old daughter’s.  I wasn’t taking these very seriously, except to the extent that I was upset to see this kinds of smears emerging from opponents to the McScum/Palin ticket.  There are plenty of reasons to vote against that ticket without inventing any.

So the news now is that Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is, in fact, pregnant.  The pregnancy itself is none of my concern.  People have sex.  People who never learn about, or who learn to reject, birth control get pregnant.  People who reject abortions have the children.  OK, fine.

What gets under my skin is that in the very same announcement of the pregnancy, the Palin folks contend that Democrats don’t get to “politicize” it, that is, we don’t get to make any claims about it at all.

That’s crap.  People like Sarah Palin have been politicizing families, births, pregnancies, abortions, birth control and the rest of it for decades.  Now that their attacks on anybody who disagrees with them might come back to bite them, nobody’s allowed to talk about it. And you can BET, I mean BET WITH UTTER CERTAINTY, that the campaign will exploit the daughter to demonstrate Palin’s commitment to so-called family values.

Chalk up another one to shameless, two-faced, hypocrisy.  Gee, what a surprise.  The first time any Republican mentions the daughter in this way, it should be open season to accuse her of having premarital sex and getting pregnant, exactly what Christofascists condemn people for every day.

2 Responses to I wish this were amazing

  1. Actually, I feel sorry for the daughter. She didn’t choose her parents. She just got stuck with a mother who is more concerned about herself and less concerned about her children. And to make a public statement that the father of the unborn child is going to marry her daughter. What if her daughter and the unborn child’s father don’t want to get married? Forcing marriage on a 17 year old is a cruel thing to do. Sarah Palin’s response was that her daughter has to grow up quickly. Wow, what an uncaring mother.

  2. sethkahn says:

    I feel sorry for the daughter, too. That doesn’t excuse her mother and the GOP from being called out for exploiting her. The logic is so Orwellian–our party has made hay of other people’s families for decades, and I can talk about my own family, but you can’t?

    So yes, I feel bad for Bristol, but not nearly as bad as I’ll feel for our country if her mother becomes VP.

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