Is McScum really this stupid?

McScum says:

Senator Obama has never taken on the leaders of his party,” McCain said. “She’s [Palin] been an independent spirit that has taken them on at every opportunity.”

Really?  Then what would he call running a nearly two-year (so far) Presidential campaign against both Clintons and the DLC?

Moron.  Liar.  Scumbag.

2 Responses to Is McScum really this stupid?

  1. clancop says:

    Running a campaign and running a state are two different things. Hell, I was a teacher at the college level in China, following your logic, I have executive experience. Also, you can’t count what he did as impressive, especially with the MSM in his back pocket. It doesn’t hurt being black either, especially with the likes of Tom Hanks jumping on board to push him into office.

    Narrow-minded. Factually Ignorant. Politically Retarded.

  2. sethkahn says:

    Clancop: You’re exactly right; running a campaign and running a state are very different things. Fortunately for me and everybody else who’s voting for Obama/Biden, you’re responding to an argument I didn’t make. I didn’t say a thing about experience; I was responding directly to McScum’s claim that Obama doesn’t know what it’s like to run against his own party.

    I find discussions with people who don’t listen to what I’m saying to be fruitless. This works better if you actually read what I write instead of making talking-point arguments that don’t respond to the original claims.

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