Headline on today’s Yahoo News: Palin electrifies anti-abortion, pro-gun conservatives

No kidding.  And that’s exactly why Democrats need to work even harder to make sure McScum/Palin 2008 is only a memory come November.

It should be crystal clear by now that the very large majority of our country doesn’t favor Christofascist politics.  Most people support choice.  Most people support more and better gun control laws.  Therefore, most people don’t stand for what Sarah Palin represents.

I suppose it’s possible the Rovians will argue that we can’t really gauge the success of Sarah Palin because she’s never really done anything.  And given the Rovians’ ability to doublethink, I won’t be at all surprised ot hear them say it.

The best anybody can say about Sarah Palin right now is that she hasn’t been a failure.  Given that everything she stands for is despicable, I hope we never get to find out how good an executive she really is.

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