Remember 2000

As I read some of the orgiastic joy about McScum’s selection of Sarah Palin for VP, I keep wanting to offer this caution, so I will–

Remember in 2000, many of us Dems danced the same dance during the campaign.  George W. Bush?  This guy’s got nothing.  He can’t possibly win.  He’s unelectable.  Nobody could vote for somebody with this little experience.  Yada yada yada…

…Um.  He won (well, sort of).

The Rovians are evil (and yes, I mean that) but not stupid.  They’re very good at laying traps, and Sarah Palin is a clever one.

Be careful, Democrats.  We’ve still got work to do.

***For an excellent account of Sarah Palin’s political history (such as there is one) from an Alaskan perspective, see <;

2 Responses to Remember 2000

  1. Bruce says:

    A REVEALING NEW BIO on Palin, who by the way, is also under official investigation:

  2. sethkahn says:

    I don’t expect that investigation to amount to much, Bruce. Even if it does, we’re talking about an administration and a candidate who believe that invading sovereign nations and slaughtering huge numbers of civilians is OK. They’re not going to care much if Palin used her influence to get somebody fired from a job. And as you point out in one of your posts, that just makes her consistent with the DOJ’s governing philosophy, which McScum certainly hasn’t criticized.

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