Sarah Palin: Smart choice if you have no sense of goodness

As we all probably know by now, John McScum has chosen Sarah Palin, Gov of Alaska, as his running mate.

In some obvious ways, this is a great choice.  She’s young, energetic, telegenic, and seems to be pretty smart.  She does the maverick stuff McScum wishes he did.  She blows the whistle on bad people.  Or at least has.  She’s a woman who might be able to siphon off disgruntled Clintonites.  She anti-choice, which might mobilize the Christo-fascist base.  She has a Down Syndrome baby, who the Rovians will gladly exploit for sympathy.  And she will let them; otherwise, she wouldn’t have accepted the nomination.

So, the cons.  First, she’s a Christo-Fascist who believes that her religious-based opposition to abortion should trump the rule of law.  Jesus doesn’t want her to have an abortion, she believes, so nobody should be able to have one.  Second, she’s more obviously a tool of the oil industry than anybody else I can think of, outside of everybody who wins elected office in Texas.  So it’s OK to slaughter endangered species and destroy the environment, as long as nobody has an abortion.  Third, she may very well be an extremely talented executive, but how would anybody know?  She’s got less of a record than a tennis ball.

With apologies to any feminists who believe her selection is good news because she’s female, sorry, but she’s bad news for women, for anybody who isn’t a radical Christo-fascist, for endangered species, for anybody, really.

Nice work, McScum.  I wasn’t sure you could get any less human.  You did.  Amazing.

3 Responses to Sarah Palin: Smart choice if you have no sense of goodness

  1. Rob says:

    She is the perfect choice for vp. She is proof that republican women are smart and pretty instead of the hippy throwback NARAL types. She is the perfect balance that McCain needs to defeat the comuno-nazi policies of NObama and the serial plagerizer and all around waste of a senate seat Joe Biden. The republicans have proven that the demoCAN’TS were never really the party of women, and now the tide has turned. Mr. NObama, go practice walking on water, get it right, then maybe after you erase the communist manifesto that you call your “platform” we might consider you for hall monitor. GO MCCAIN.

  2. sethkahn says:

    Remarkable, Rob. Apparently you missed the McScum speech on Georgia the other week that his staffer ripped off from Wikipedia. If you’re going to throw around accusations of plagiarism, throw them both ways, or you’re just another hypocrite. Second, nominating ONE woman to ONE position, a position just last week she said she doesn’t even understand, hardly makes the Republicans “the party of women.” You’re hallucinating if you believe that. Or you’re lying. Either way. Finally, one of these days you and your kind are going to read the Communist Manifesto and realize that Barack Obama is about as communist as Ronald Reagan. It’s an argument that doesn’t even rise to level of moronic, it’s so wrong.

    And by the way, I don’t care if she’s pretty. She already ran for Miss Alaska. That’s just a ridiculous argument.

    And further, it’s typical that you attack Obama and Democratic women without responding to a single point I made about Sarah Palin. That’s because people like you seem to be incapable of conducting debates; all you can do is fling crap around and hope some of it sticks. It’s sickening.

  3. hj says:

    Why is it that when Sarah Palin is asked about her children on 2/24/08 her reply is 4 children with no mention of her 5th, is this the action of a prolifer?
    or do I have my math really confused?

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