Obama chooses Biden

Still sorting out my reaction to this news, but a knee-jerk first impression–

Safe choice. He certainly adds some expertise that Obama “needs” according to the mainstream media’s (read “McCain’s”) depiction of him. Probably not a bad idea to get somebody out of the Senate, open up leadership spaces there for new blood, and balance out the riskier elements of Obama’s candidacy.

Since I never really bought into Obama’s “change” message as much as some people did anyway, the selection of somebody who’s even more an insider than McCain doesn’t trouble me as much as it will some Obama supporters. That’s OK too.

I just hope, but without much grounds for doing so, that Biden has learned his lesson over the years about shooting from the hip. Sure, candor is cool and all, but sometimes a second delayed is a career saved. I do hope that at least one of the rationales for choosing Biden is his statement on MSNBC a few months ago that the Bush regime has been one of, if not the most, disastrous in American history. Somebody needed to say that, because it’s the truth, and if he can keep that edge turned outward, he’ll be a great addition to the ticket.

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