It’s not time to panic, but…

…AP reports today that McCain has taken the lead in at least one poll.  AP also reports that a substantial majority of respondents believe that Senator McLiar is better suited to handle our country’s economic woes.


This is a guy who just a few months ago admitted, in public, that he doesn’t really understand the economy.  This is a guy whose chief economic adviser resigned last month after calling the voting public a “nation of whiners.”  And whose chief economic adviser was one of the primary architects of a pro-corporate tax and tax-break system that allows rich people to rape the soul of our country with impunity.

If there were any real justice in this world, Phil Gramm would be in prison, along with all his ultra-wealthy Republican friends, for the utter destruction of economic fairness that’s happened at their hands.

Since that’s obviously not going to happen, the next best option is to make sure Senator McLiar doesn’t get a chance to push for more of the same soul-raping horror the Republican Party has propagated in this country.

Some day, the vast majority of voters in this country is going to realize that the Republican Party lies to them every time it speaks.  Republicans couldn’t give even the least little bit of a sh*t about the poor, the working class, even the middle class.  It’s a party that does nothing besides serve the interests of its wealthy benefactors.  Well, they’ve raped and sucked enough life out of our country.  Time for them to go to the cold dark corner of Hell they belong in.


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