Not much happening today

OK, there’s probably a lot happening today, but so far none of it has gotten on my radar.  So I’m just doing some throat-clearing here this morning, hoping something interesting arises; or put another way, I’m doing what I teach first-year writing students–just freewrite, brainstorm, free associate, and see what happens.

Saw “The Dark Knight” over the weekend.  It was pretty good, much smarter than I expected it to be.  Since I was in the mood for something big and dumb, it took me a while to decide to like it for being better than I thought.  Only a professional academic would say something like that.

Looking forward to getting back into a real semester in a few weeks.  Not that I don’t appreciate the flextime when we’re out of session, but the end of the summer is usually (as is this one) fraught with all kinds of bureaucratic work without the payoff of being in class.  I like what I do, obviously, but the heart of the matter for me is teaching, and when I don’t get to do it, all the other work feels grindier.  Plus, while there’s something pleasant about how quiet campus is when classes aren’t meeting, I love the buzz when it’s busy.

Finally going to a doctor about this bum knee on Thursday.  I hate going to doctors (nothing against them personally–I learned from my mother to be extremely skeptical of the medical industry), but this has been lingering too long for me to believe it’ll go away without some kind of treatment.  If he tells me he has to operate on it, I’ll kick.  Call it the last hurrah of a dysfunctional joint.  I’ll try not to hit him.

I have done that before.  I damaged a nerve in my elbow playing high school baseball, and once a battery of doctors and witch-doctors and other experts finally figured this out, I had to have a nerve-conduction test.  If you’ve never had one before, the examiner hooks up a bunch of electrodes along whatever pathway they’re testing, and then jolts their way down that pathway, at different levels of voltage, to get readings on where the damage is.  The doc who was doing mine had my arm straightened all the way out, palm up, and fingers about 3 inches below his chin.  One of the jolts was so powerful that my arm bucked and whacked him square in the teeth.  He took it philosophically, saying (once he could talk again), “Well, at least we know your nerve is transmitting.”  I had to like him for that.

Who knows what the doc will find on Thurs.  Probably nothing, which means I’ll have to return for x-rays and whatever else.  My hope is that my last knee injury hasn’t recurred, which the surgeon who worked on it said it might.  I’m just not in the mood for that.  Not to mention that because, if that’s the case, the surgery didn’t work the first time, I’m not especially excited about the prospect of doing it again.  What I really hope is that I’ve got arthritis or something like it, something we can treat without surgery.  I’d gladly endure any kind of physical therapy or whatever to avoid that.

On that note…off to start the day.

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