Cognitive Dissonance Day

I’m officially declaring today, July 30, Cognitive Dissonance Day.  Two items spurred this declaration:

1.  On my way to campus this morning, I saw a Toyota Prius all decked out with Bush/Cheney, McCain, and other local Republican campaign stickers all over it.  Not that Republicans can’t be environmentally responsible, but given that these particular folks have all argued for expanded off-shore drilling privileges and therefore huge profits for oil companies, advertising them on the back of your hybrid is, well, inconsistent.  Sure, I realize the driver might have chosen a hybrid for his/her own savings, but still…  This one’s not as bad as the “Buy American” sticker I saw on a Toyota some years ago. 

2.  On this morning’s YahooNews site, Dunkin Donuts has announced that they’ll soon be releasing a slate of healthy menu items (

Not that I’m oppsed to healthy eating, and not that Dunkin Donuts shouldn’t be allowed to sell whatever they want, but doesn’t it strike anybody as strange?  This is a company that for decades has profitted from selling incredibly unhealthy (though delicious) junk. 

If you have a cognitively dissonant event or story to share, please do!

5 Responses to Cognitive Dissonance Day

  1. Nicole Stankavage says:

    I am part of an organization that advocates participatory democracy (sds), but just passed a national structure that is representative at the national sds convention.

  2. Bruce says:

    Uh, John McCain saying for eons he won’t run smear campaign, and then becomes king of running smear campaign.

  3. sethkahn says:

    Bruce: Are hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance the same thing? Maybe so…

  4. Bruce says:

    McCain certainly makes my brain hurt.

  5. sethkahn says:

    Yes, Bruce, but that might be result of his stomping on it with jackboots.

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