Dear Sen. McCain…

As much as you’d like it not to be true, Phil Gramm DOES speak for you, since you tapped him as your top economic adviser.  If in fact he doesn’t speak for you, send him packing.  You don’t get to have it both ways, such that your advisers can say anything, and you get both the benefit of their saying it AND the opportunity to disown it.

Two faced lying might win elections, but it makes you a bad person.  If you’re as honest as you say you are, you can’t just pretend like your top adviser’s comment was a glitch.

2 Responses to Dear Sen. McCain…

  1. doubletalkexpress says:

    I think it’s clear now where all of John McCains talk about the gas tax holiday and off shore drilling having more of a psychological effect on the economy comes from. John McCain says Phil Gramm doesn’t speak for him….well they sure sound alike.

  2. sethkahn says:

    Right. There’s no evidence that any of those “policy” options will have any material effects, so clearly, as you say, they’re placebos. Anybody who tracks the McCain campaign’s pronouncements quickly realizes that they think we’re all willing to believe almost anything. The problem, in fact, is that because we’re so sick of being manipulated and lied to, that we’re not really willing to listen to much of anything.

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