What McCain means by “bipartisan”

From an AP Newswire story today–

“Friday: The calmest day of McCain’s week nonetheless included one of those odd moments that cause some supporters to wonder about his political dexterity. A woman at the Hudson forum denounced the Democratic Party and asked McCain if he would “hammer away at their socialist, Marxist philosophy.” His “yes” response drew wild applause.

McCain later hailed the importance of bipartisanship, and even praised Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the Massachusetts liberal. Still, his breezy acceptance of the woman’s description seemed at odds with his bid to woo Democrats dubious about Obama and resentful of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s defeat.”

Not any surprise that McCain means exactly the same thing by “bipartisan” that the rest of his neo-con buddies mean.  As long as you do everything exactly my way, we’ll get along just fine.  Compromise means giving me exactly what I want without my giving you a nanometer in return.

And one more time, Senator McCain: the Democratic party is neither Marxist nor Socialist.  If you need to be reminded of why, go take any high school civics course.

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