If you don’t think teachers work during the summer…

So here’s my to-do list between now and Aug 28 when classes start…

1. Work with Bill and others (TBA) on organizing our pre-semester workshop on August 18. The rooms are reserved; the Pearson folks are on the schedule. We have to work up a theme, arrange presenters/workshop leaders, figure out the schedule, produce materials, etc.

2. Plan my fall classes: fortunately, both my courses are old preps, but I’m using a new textbook for the WRT 208 course and need to read it more carefully than I have.

3. Work with Hyoejin to decide whether we need to change the cutoff score for ENG Q20 placements. That involves spreadsheets, light statistical analysis, and lots of other stuff I’m not very good at.

4. Decide whether to revise the “Radical Does Not Equal Partisan” essay for Radical Teacher or for Open Words. In either case, there’s lots of work to do.

5. Finish the draft of the “Collaborative Reflection” chapter for Teaching with Student Texts. I’m about halfway through the slopdraft. It’s due Aug 15, which sounds like lots of time but isn’t given everything else I have to do.

6. Catch up on new reading about Participatory Action Research in preparation for the Watson panel in October. I won’t have time to do the reading once the fall semester starts, so it has to happen sooner. I’m not sure how much there is I haven’t seen before–probably not much–but I need to check.

7. Do the paperwork to get WRT 120 listed as a prerequisite for the WRT 200-level courses. How that hasn’t happened already I don’t know.

8. Oh yeah, teach my summer class :).

9. Work with Heidi on securing keynote speakers and posting the cfp for the Qualitative Research Network. The call needs to be out early Sept, and we can’t post it until we know who our speakers are.

10. Study the APSCUF CBA more diligently in preparation for Grievance Chair work. I need to spend at least a day or two in the office catching up on active cases, since I only wrote one of them.

And I’m sure there’s more. That’s the top-ten list.

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