Random musings

Hooray!  The nasty heatwave has broken, at least for now, and it was cool enough for me to sit on the front steps this morning and read.  For a whole hour, even!  Just finished a novel called Origin, a mystery about somebody murdering infants (very grim plot) in Syracuse (very grim setting for very grim plot).  The main character/narrator is a crime-lab worker who is struggling to understand her own history too.  She believes that her parents died in a plane crash from which she was saved by apes in the rain forest.  Pretty good book.  Next up on the fun-reading list is Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, which is one of those books I feel kind of silly for not having read before.  I also just the other day read Ring, the Japanese horror novel on which the movie The Ring is based.  I’m fascinated by Japanese mystery/horror so I liked it (and liked it enough to continue reading the series) but wasn’t blown away by it.

Phillies fans–what’s it going to take to fix Brett Myers?  If the Tigers were willing to send Dontrelle Willis to Single-A…  Of course that would be a better solution if there anybody who could take his place and do better.  A sorry state of affairs.  Just hope last night’s quiet bats were a short-term problem.  Maybe it has to do with playing in that crypt of a stadium in suburban Miami.

Must get back to work today.  Summer class starts soon enough that it’s not “oh, that can wait” anymore!

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