They said it; we didn’t

So the news today is not good.

Our friends, the self-anointed “sheepdogs” at the CCVM have pressured a local pizza restaurant, serendipitously called Peace-a-Pizza, into canceling a fundraising event that CCPM had planned there.

After my last misfire, accusing the College Republicans of organizing to get Karen Porter off a campus-event panel, I’d be a little hesitant to accuse CCVM of sticking their noses into this one.  Until we saw an e-mail in which one of their leaders proclaims, with great pride, that this is their doing and their great victory.  His message, to the Sheepdogs, says:

Congratulations patriots! Peace-A-Pizza on Gay Street in West Chester has decided to withdraw their support of the Chester County Peace Movement. It was YOUR phone calls and emails that made the difference and you are all a fine example of what pro-victory activism can achieve in a community.

If you would like to thank Peace-A-Pizza personally for withdrawing their support from an anti-American, treasonous cause, here is the contact information: or 610-918-1116

This is a real victory for the CCVM and the good citizens of West Chester. It sends a clear message that we reject those who choose to demoralize our troops and weaken our country’s resolve to fight terror abroad and at home. ‘Let’s roll.'”

It’s unclear, at this point, precisely what their “pro-victory activism” looked like.  It is clear, from their own message, that they harassed and intimidated a local business from serving a population in our community that is significant, sizable, legal, and peaceful.  These folks need to get through their heads that there’s NOTHING wrong, immoral, unpatriotic, or even particularly dangerous about what CCPM does.  They just hate us, and will do anything to try to silence us.  This is the angriest, most hate-filled group of people I’ve ever encountered.

As I’ve said and written many times, I have no problem with their right to organize on behalf of their message–such as it is.  They have a right to try to convince people that we’re traitors, although we’re not and they know this.  It’s standard practice for the far right to do things in situations like these–

1.  Be ridiculously hyperbolic.  The accusation of treason, for example, is just silly.  Treason is an attempt to bring down a government.  What we’re doing is well within the limits of our current government and laws.  Yes, we’d like to see democracy work, but that’s only a matter of pushing our government to do what it says it’s designed to do, not to destroy or overthrow it.  Duh.

2.  Accuse us of doing what they, in fact, are doing.  If anybody in this situation is being unpatriotic, it’s them.  They’re the ones who are abusing the First Amendment in order to silence dissent.  They’re the ones who are in favor of shredding the constitution in order to keep us from resisting an imperial, illegal occupation.  They’re the ones who say out of one side of their mouths that they fought for our freedom, but out of the other that we shouldn’t be able to use that freedom on behalf of justice.

You don’t get to have it both ways, sheepdogs.  Freedom (as you put it) isn’t worth defending if you then turn around and insist that nobody can use it unless you approve the message.

11 Responses to They said it; we didn’t

  1. armyanimaldoc says:

    Nobody harrassed or threatened “Peace A Pizza”. I simply called them and expressed my displeasure in their fundraiser for you. When the owner found out that you guys called returning soldiers from Iraq, myself included, “baby killers”, your violence issues in the past from threats and realized actions including against CCVM and the police, and the controversy surrounding your suppression of CCVM, they withdrew. I did it tactfully and respectfully and even offered to speak there on the Iraq War and have a fundraiser for CCVM. They decided it was best not to get involved, as they had more common sense, empathy, and foresight than the Dixie Chicks, et al. You can try to convince your little commie group that you were wronged – in the end, it was a victory for CCVM that frustrates you to no end that you must lie. For the record, as a Warfighter, I do actually hate you that much. It’s been a pleasure.

  2. sethkahn says:

    1. You’ll notice that I didn’t name you; I have no idea what you said to them. I also know that you weren’t the only person to contact them, and some of your group weren’t as respectful as you claim to be.

    2. We have never (that’s NEVER) attempted to “suppress” CCVM. We have asked CCVM to keep the peace. We have asked the police for a presence at vigils after months of harassment and intimidation and threats of violence.

    3. CCPM has nothing to do with communism, and if it weren’t so annoying to listen to people who should know better throw that term around without understanding what it means or who you’re throwing it at, it would be funny. There are actual communists in the world, we’re not them. Get over it already.

    4. I appreciate your candor in admitting that you hate us. You’re the first one who’s been willing to say so directly. Of course, from my point of view, hating us kind of like hating bunnies–we’re just not that dangerous or important–but I suppose that’s not really the issue.

    Wish I could return the pleasantry at the end, but that would be dishonest. I will never understand your psyche, and I don’t want to. All I want is for you and your gang to demonstrate some basic human respect to people who are just as smart, committed, and patriotic as you are. I know you’ll never actually meet that demand, so save your breath.

  3. Deanya says:

    Wow, Seth, you really are up against some crazies there. I wouldn’t worry about it, except for the fact that name-calling (commies? I mean, good grief!) and “I hate you” are so second-grade that anyone who is that low on the evolutionary scale is capable of violence. And yikes, the U.S. supported him by giving him weapons training and a gun!!!

  4. armyanimaldoc says:

    Hey Deanya, I have every right to hate those who call me a baby killer in front of my children when I voluntarily went to Iraq and joined the military after 9-11, even to defend your freedom of speech. It’s not second grade, and it’s not lack of evolution. It’s legitimate angst for you lack of gratitude for sacrifice. I’ve also received 4 years of college, 4 years of veterinary school, and 5 years in a Ph.D., in addition to a year internship at an aquarium actually “saving whales”, all before the Army. It’s your unsubstantiated comments, in addition to the Harvard study demonstrating how what you say emboldens the enemy (gives aid and comfort) that makes us hate you. Like the scientists in Jurassic Park, in the words of the character Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), you’re so concerned about whether or not you could that you didn’t stop and think whether or not you should. The study corelates your propaganda with increased attacks on U.S. military by insurgents to capitalize on dissention against the war. Whether you admit it or not, troops die because your voice MUST be heard. Nobody will suppress your voice, but it speaks to YOUR second grade evolutionary scale that you have no discretion or respect. Once again, you attack the soldier who set out to kill nobody in Iraq and didn’t kill anybody in Iraq. I went there on an embedded provincial reconstruction team working on agriculture and public health to give the children of Iraq a different future with my children then they had with us, but you diminish me to a mindless violent grunt who has been empowered to kill. Nice…you show your true colors once again, and they’re commie red. I hate your group because of what you did directly to me in West Chester that day, your attempts to suppress CCVM by crying harrassment, and by emboldening the enemy. Read the Harvard study, if you can.

  5. armyanimaldoc says:

    P.S. You’ve also proven that you really DON’T support the troops but not the war, unless it’s that rare “trooper” that agrees with you. Otherwise, you don’t care to hear what they have to say and dismiss them as neanderthals. It’s why your mantra rings hollow.

  6. Skye says:

    We have asked the police for a presence at vigils after months of harassment and intimidation and threats of violence.

    What evidence do you have to support this allegation of harassement, intimidation and threats of violence from the membership of the Chester County Victory Movement? Any video, audio or still photographs to support this vicious allegation?

    I’ve 9 months of video and photographic evidence that makes the above statement a lie. Additionally, I’ve video evidence of a physical attack against my person from a member of the Chester County ‘peace’ Movement. The separation of our two groups and police presence today are due to the violent acts by a member of the CCPM. FYI: Charges have not been dropped. Judge Knapp allowed a plea agreement given no prior criminal record and obvious contriteness. Failing to complete the terms, charges of simple assault, resisting arrest, harassment, recklessly endangering another person and related charges will go forward, including the serious charge of aggravated assault against a peace officer.

    If you are seriously interested in peace, take a good look at the aggressive actions of the peace movement and reconsider your statement.

  7. John Grant says:

    Tania, c’mon. I grant you you have a good thing going about this “attack” on you that you are milking for everything you can. And after reading the recent Flopping Aces interview I am not kidding when I say you might consider going into acting. You look good and you certainly can play a part. I’ve made doc films and read a lot on narrative film-making — and I’m actually not kidding. But that you have evidence of anything other than the expected rough & tumble that the situation on the corner of Market & High Streets created — I’ve seen your videos and there’s nothing there. This is not rocket science: Your group arrived intending to torpedo a peaceful antiwar vigil. That is a no-brainer. As Marcia picked up easily on the Sheepdog blog when her veteran father was trashed (and what even Scott has the honesty to admit) many of you are filled with hate. And let me tell you, from our end, we don’t need no stinkin’ evidence to know that.

    I don’t expect you to lessen your thespian activities as far as the “vicious attack” on you and the rest of the pro-war group or on the notion that “peaceniks” have a predilection to attack womankind. I do not expect you to change your MO. And that’s fine. But we are not idiots; we know what the drill is. John Beitzel was shoved in exactly the manner you were when his camera got too close for comfort to one your guys. I saw it. It was the same day Katt and Raoul repeatedly called John a “baby killer.” There’s no argument about that “baby killer” incident; I have it on tape. We didn’t call the cops because that has not been one of our tactics; more important, we didn’t think the West Chester cops would be sympathetic to our saying someone shoved us. Then again, maybe we were short sighted and should have given the camera to a woman.

    No question, March 22nd was a good day for you. In my video, at the point of the arrest, Carl is truly gleeful about it as he yells, “What a great day!” Then, of course, after the incident, you are, yourself, giddy with joy — big bright smile — on our video as you say, “Hey. They call it ‘assault’.” Ha! Ha! Now, I learn you had to take a day off from work due to the trauma. I am truly sorry for the horror you were put through. The man you folks screwed with was shot upwards through his legs and torso in a helicopter that, then, crashed and, screaming in horror and agony, he was dragged by his comrades through the jungle, incredibly, to safety. His encounter that day with Dee Berk and you was just a bit too much. He snapped and smacked your camera. One thing is certain, he is an authentic American hero — not only because he served in combat in Viet Nam, but, more important, because he actually learned something from the experience.

    One day I wish upon you that a certain seed will somehow get into your head and just not go away, that it will haunt you as it grows and grows into a lush and fertile plant. That seed is from a plant called Integrity.

  8. James Conner says:

    I read with great amusement Karen Porter’s letter, “GOP attack machine” in Wednesday’s letters to the Inquirer. As the leader of the Chester County Peace Movement she is infamous for her over the top vile verbal and written attacks on those who exercise their right to disagree with her position. One of her fellow members was arrested for a physical attack on a woman filming their protest in West Chester. “I get it”, Karen Porter wants her opposition to act as she says not as she does.

    James Conner

  9. sethkahn says:

    James: If you’re interested in Karen’s letter, I’m not sure why you’re responding to it here. This isn’t Karen’s blog, nor is it officially linked to CCPM in any way. Yes, I’m a CCPM member, but I don’t speak for the organization in any official (or even unofficial) capacity. And more importantly, I don’t think Karen even reads this blog, so she’s unlikely to say anything in response.

    OK, now I see; you’ve pasted in a letter I assume you have sent or will send to the Inquirer. More power to you if they publish it, and if so, maybe I (or somebody else in CCPM) will respond to it there. In the meantime, I want to clarify just one thing. The arrest was not an “attack” against Skye. The CCPM member was mad that Skye kept putting her camera in his face (she’s done that since the fall, and it was only a matter of time before somebody got mad about it), and he pushed *the camera*, not her. Yes, it sucks that it happened, but it’s nowhere near as violent as some people tell it. The person who did it has apologized and accepted the results of a trial. Skye has milked a great deal of blood out of this turnip because she’s a very good writer and a very good interviewee, but that’s about enough.

  10. Skye says:

    Actually, Meicht was charged with assaulting my person and the police officer. Our charges were rolled together and Meicht faced serious jail time.

    No, my camera was NOT in his face, as is clearly evident in the video. Meicht is a disturbed individual who lost a verbal arguement and took his frustrations out on me. There is video and photographic evidence that shows how I always maintained a distance between myself and my subjects. Feel free to peruse the photos of mine and Neocon’s. He has some wonderful shots of me videotaping the ‘other side’ where there is ample space between us.

    However, this case has been settled in a court of law. If there were any inkling of misappropriation of evidence, Judge Knapp would have figured that out. What she saw was an obviously guilty man being shown mercy that was not deserved, but given anyway.

  11. Stephen says:

    “Meicht is a disturbed individual who lost a verbal arguement” If you honestly feel that the verbal exchange that took place on that corner was anything but a childish attempt at provocation your missing something in both your intellect and your heart that no amount of bogus rationalization can cover. I was there that day and witnessed the behavior of your group and saw your initial reaction of excitement and satisfaction turn to crocodile tears.
    Mr Meicht is a decent man who served and sacrificed for his country and saw with his own eyes the cost of military misadventures. He and others who refuse to stand by and not speak out against such activities don’t deserve the disrespect and mindless attacks heaped upon them by groups like yours that don’t seem to have a clue as to what the meaning of freedom and civic responsibility means.

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